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The Curse of Moht (D6Modular Quest)

by dutchmogul Nov 26, 2018
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Playing through my first time, we've seem to come to a bit of a stand still. there are two of us - Branwen and Samuk - and we've completed every test except 2. A 7 on the field and 10 on the ruins. The problem is that both of these require a Magic skill test while neither of us have a single die in magic.

The rules seem ambiguous with how this would be handled. Neither of us can die to bring in the mage because we each have counters. But we don't hit the lose condition because we just don't die with our counters. Is the game a stalemate?

Very good question. If you don't have a die in a skill you still get to test, but you roll two dice and take the lowest result. Still possible to beat the test DV, but it would be tough. If you're in that scenario, I can imagine losing (like the monsters would get you before you finish).

By the way, we would love to see pics of your game in progress. Would you be down with posting as a make?

Thanks! I quickly died to the guards in the keep, but it was a fun game! I posted a make with a few pictures right before I died.

Awesome! Yeah, we'll keep updating this as we make changes (until we remove that WIP tag). Got a doom tracker (to give the rounds more urgency) and some other stuff in the works, aside from general revisions.

How did you model the grass tiles? The randomness yet unique whole of it is astounding.

Thanks! I made the texture in Sculptris, then imported it to TinkerCAD, layed it down in patches, re-orienting each, then cut it into the hex-shape.

Would love to see more 6mm figures for this.

This is a really cool game, your minis are really nice as well.

UPDATE: We've added a separate PDF with nicer printable cards for your heroes and villains (including backs, if you care about that), plus we've released the first hero expansion.

Heroes of the Eidermarch (D6Modular Quest Expansion)

UPDATE: This page has been updated to beta version 1.2

Change log:

1) A counter system has been added for tiles and villains, replacing the need to print/draw cards to generate maps or spawn villains.
2) Adjacent heroes may now make skill tests for a hero uncovering an event.
3) Defeated villains are no longer collected as resource counters, and the resources needed for endgame has been lowered to 50.
4) The River tile now has a 9th event entry (oops!).
5) Boon counters added, which now give the players treasure/special powers when completing some events.
6) Reference sheet now included as the 33rd page of the rules booklet.
7) Tile effects are now included on the reference sheet, tile cards no longer necessary.
8) Baymara's ability has been changed from "Augur" to "Spellstrike"
9) Minor skill dice allotment changes for most heroes.
10) Villains no longer make Alertness tests to find adjacent heroes (may simply attack).