40k Benchy (Sci-Fi Goliath tank)

by BREXIT Nov 26, 2018
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where i can dowload the horseman XD?

you can download it from the link in the description :)


You are amazing! Can’t wait to try printing this out. It’s just so cute, I want to give it a big ole’ hug! ^^

The horseman looks amazing

thankyou :)

I think I'll just grow to expect a tease model with your posts :)

solid work!

If I ever start a patreon. I need people to know what I am capable of :)

/Vulkan voice: I would like to pet this creature.

Vulkan! Do not boop that snoot!

Comments deleted.

Great to see this in it's completed form
Stunning work
Looking forwards to printing a few of these

Amazing work as usual!

cheers mate :)