Lack Prusa Enclosure Embedded Paver Braces

by Jared596 Nov 26, 2018
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What size screws are supposed to be used with these supports? Thanks!

Parts Express #6 x 3/4" Deep Thread Pan Head Screws Black 100 Pcs. (1) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002ZPEWC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_spZACbZANHR4R

For the PSU issue, have you considered mixing the PSU holder into your design? You wouldn't need all 3 supports in that back corner, since the center one is doing most of the work, but you could certainly make a design with plenty of stiffness that incorporates the PSU holder to be where it normally is.

I've just added an integral PSU mount version per your recommendation. I haven't printed it yet but I will this evening. Might need to tweak some things and make an update but I dont expect that will be the case. Enjoy!

Looks good The only issue I see before printing is that the shelf for the PSU has a thin wall against the leg, whereas yours is about double the thickness. It would probably be better to thicken the wall on the PSU shelf than to dig out the wall on your support piece. Or even just a shim piece to go with the original shelf. Did you make any changes to the PSU shelf itself? It looks the same. Based on where you put the clip on your support, it looks like it would need to be mirrored. You have it where I would put it, but the PSU support has that wall, and it's designed to go on the inside of the table.

Great observation! I have fixed that issue. Got about 2 hours left on my current print then I'm printing this out to give it a try.

This is a great idea, and should be fairly easy to implement. It's definitely on my to-do list when I have time. Doing bear frame and BMG extruder upgrades for the next 3-4 weeks, then i'll be back to tweaking the enclosure design. Thanks for sharing this idea!

Cool! I have one on the back burner at the moment. Got all the parts imported and set up, just need to tackle the mods but have other stuff with priority. I'm wanting to set it "inside out" to give the cables that much more slack, but as you can imagine, that's a little more challenging. I'll post here when I get that done.

Hello! I'm very interested in using this idea with my lack tables, though I don't have the tables yet and am unsure how you pulled this off. It looks to me like you used a utility knife to cut through the top surface of the tabletop, and pounded it out with that mallet. Is there no filler in the tabletop? It must be completely hollow for you to be able to put that paver inside!?

It looks to me like the paver sits on the bottom surface of the table, and the weight is mostly supported by these leg braces you posted
If you could confirm or deny that would be great! Love the idea and the finished product, It will be awesome to continue using these massive pavers inside my new lack enclosure, they go a long way towards reducing noise as its currently set up.

Edit: Oh I just noticed the picture of the table filler, that doesn't look too bad to remove. is it paper?

I used a plastic-cutting knife (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Plastic-Sheet-Cutting-Tool-GE-41/202038073) to heavily score the surface of the table along the sharpie marks i made outlining the paver stone. Using this kind of knife requires a straight edge to be clamped along the desired cut, for which i used the 48” black aluminum level and small dewalt woodworking clamps shown in one of the pictures. After i scored all 4 lines very heavily (6-8 passes with firm pressure) i used a boxcutter to finalize the cuts, and then pried the surface away from the internal honeycomb structure using a putty knife. I then cut around the edges of the honeycomb material with the box cutter and pulled all of that material out. It may also have worked out to smash the honeycomb material into the remaining edges of the table for added rigidity - i will try this on my next enclosure.

And to confirm, yes, these brackets are holding up the weight of the paver stone.

What size paver did you use?