One-Part Lenscap

by GlOwl Nov 27, 2018
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Hi, I really like the design but the central post (marked in red) touches the lens on my https://www.sony.com/en-ae/electronics/camera-lenses/sel1855 (printed the 49mm version @ 98% scale, didn't fit at 100%)

Hello! Can you comment more regarding the 'remove these ridges' as you show in the photo! On my first print, the lens 'grips' are stuck and don't flex. I want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. Great design!

You should see a small strip printed in and outside of the bend. Take a cutter or knife and carefully remove it. you should be able to loosen it at one end and pull it out afterwards (maybe in 2-4 parts if it rips apart). or carefully stick something flat underneath the squishy parts and bend it away from the ground plate, it squeaks a little bit if you do it this way but is much easier and faster.

That is helpful, thank you. They don't look as large on mine compared to your photo, but I do see those in there. I'm going to reduce my nozzle flow on my next print to try and reduce over extrusion and parts sticking together. Regardless, super cool design, thank you!

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Good design, cool compliant mechanism. Works well in PETG. Thanks for posting!

Works well, printed in 77 and 72 mm. A small pit in the sliders would be a great help if a lens hood is installed, a great idea.

you mean on the top?
i will take a look at that when I have some spare time.

Pls make smaller one too

What means smaller for you? what size/diameter would you like?

Can you make a 43 mm?

It works perfectly thanks a lot!

Hello do you think you can make a 42mm as well? The print doesn’t print perfectly so probably a mm smaller can help

Added a 42mm version at the bottom, would be awesome if you could give feedback if that version works...

It’s an empty file. The 42mm one is only 1kb

Woops.... Uploaded one with content ;D

42 is perfect ! Thanks a lot