Progressive Detail Moon Lamp

by moononournation Nov 27, 2018
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what's the wooden base in the first photo?

Thank you for the upload! Im having trouble printig this. After slicing with newest cura it leaves not connected dots. This leads to stringing on the outside. Havent found the right setting yet. Maybe someone can help. Thank you.

What would it take to place an image across the globe? Lets say Santa and his sleigh?

Good day

I'm getting the following error when I try to slice with Prusa Slic3r. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to slice the 3.5 inch of the moon lamp.

Empty layers detected, the output would not be printable.
Object name: NetFabbmoon_lamp_3.5_inches.stl
Print z: 0.600000
This is usually caused by negligibly small extrusions or by a faulty model. Try to repair the model or change its orientation on the bed.

Print z: 0.6 is a positive value, would that mean it's floating above the build plate (empty layers below)? Are you using supports?

On mine, I drop it into the buildplate (z would be negative here, like -0.3mm) to make a hole for the stand

Is there a noticeable difference between the 360 refinement and the higher ones you mention over at cgtrader in the 6 / 7 / 8" range?

Hi guys, does one of you have a tip on how I can identify the north/south pole on the moon?

I really want to make the hole at the exact bottom/south as we see it from north america.

Thanks guys!

I am in the middle of printing the 5" version with the mounting ring on the bottom, can you tell me what lamp unit it is designed to mate with?

Can you share your slicer settings?, I can't figure out how we can print this without support....

I'm printing on an Ender 3 Pro and have based my settings off of the SanTube Cura 3 Profile. The profile can be downloaded from Facebook or copied from the YouTube video (I would give you the links but i'm at work and FB & YouTube are blocked, however i'm sure you can find them with a quick search)

I've made a few minor changes to the profile such as tuning my retract distance (set at 6mm) and flow rate (101%), as well as choosing the concentric pattern for the initial layer and Ironing (apart from adding time, these make little difference to the print of this model and are more of a personal preference i use for the majority of my prints, in hindsight i would have reverted to zigzag initial layer and no ironing)

The only changes i made specifically for this model were to increase the wall thickness from 0.8 to 1,2 set infill to 100% & disabled Adaptive layer height (it added another 5 hours to the print).

Edit: just got home, here's a link to the file on Facebook, i think you will need to join the group before you can download it.

Started....with bed support, 24hrs print, 19 to go!!!!

Thanks for the fast respons man, I'll go try the profile if I have more luck with it!

Please, help me!
I would like to print a 15 inch piece separated into 8 parts, to make a big light fixture. I would like print a piece with 100% infill and 3mm wall thickness. I have been trying to edit the piece you uploaded, without success. And I would not like to have the opportunity to print a piece in high resolution. Can you help how i can do this task!!:::????

I don’t think split the Moon model is a good idea. You may consider find someone help you to print this big thing.

I don't know anyone who can have a big printer. The most cost-effective option would be this test. I think that how glued together parts can change the look of the piece .... but I think it's worth a try ... any ideas ??

Look for a Creality CR-10 or CR-10S 300 by 300 by 400mm build area and works as soon as you level the bed properly. How do I know? I bought one over a year ago and I print ABS, PLA and PETG with no problems. (OK for ABS of any size, put a case over it to hold the heat and eiminate splitting.) Then you can print an 11.5" moon with no issues.

I made this moon (2 inches) and it is very awesome. The version I made was the 3rd generation. It looks beautiful with the light inside, and also without light, but when the moon is seen in daylight, you cannot difference very well the shadows/details of the moon's surface. I don't know if this depends on the generation printed...

It was printed 100% infill and 1mm layer height and looks amazing. However, I don't know why but my printed print a kind of brown line in the model, I don't know why... If someone knows I would like a bit of help.. ;) It was printed with white PLA. Thanks for all your hard work on this moononournation, looks amazing!

Pretty awesome i printed a 2 inch one, drilled a 5/16 hole at the south pole and lit it with my iPhone light.

have you figured out how to add pictures of family and friends and text to the moon lamp yet

Hi everybody,

Just a question to better understand this math-oriented world matching 3D printing:
Why there are a lot a "strange" peaks likes a skyscraper on the moon?

I think it could be a sort of glitch due to approximation vs probe point. It seems like it lacks of interpolation or something similar, but I really don't know because I don't know the math under the hood.

If anyone have an explanation, thanks in advance!

you sir are awesome...haven't printed it yet but just by looking at the pictures I'm blown away. congrats

Just curious, Is the (Dark side) mapped also? or is it two front's? BTW Awesome job!

Excellent work! I read your instructables and am very happy to see you make this work available to us mortals.
Now, can you just rework it a bit to look perfect when printed with glow-in-the-dark PLA, rather than being illuminated from either the inside or the outside?

LOL. I'm only kidding. (But please, don't let me stop you from exploring the idea.)

I plan to print a glow version soon to go in the corner of a room, e.g. 1/8th of a sphere.

Thanks again, and best of luck to you.

Hi, Broken3ways. I am seeking glow-in-the-dark printing materials few years ago, but I still can't find one glow like a Moon. I just think the green color cannot match with a Moon.

maybe glow in the dark blue would look better

Comments deleted.

Hello friend, first of all congratulations for your wonderful project, and now I have a question, did you do any stl to put the led? I do not know what kind of led to put ... so it hangs, I live in Brazil so it's a bit difficult to get the led keychain ...

Hi Deives, can you show me what type of LED you can get?

hello friend, firstly thanks for your reply, I have several types of LEDs diodes here ... but I do not have the support that can fit with your project ... I think maybe I could adapt a battery in the led diode and print a stand for your moon ... do you have any proposals for that? because buy ready the keychain with led I can not ...

Progressive Detail Moon Lamp with Rechargeable Moon station

Does that fit into your project? seems to be screwed and yours not?

the gzip file included a modified Moon Lamp model.

Hello friend, it's me again hehehe, I'm trying to slice for printing using Simplify but in the top layers at the time of closing the circle it gets really bad ... in the simulation it prints parts in the air ... and how can not it by I do not know what to do ... do you have any tips?

For a 4 inches model, 0.1 mm layer height and cooling can nearly do the job. If the printout still have some small holes, simply use a 3D pen to fix it.

oooh ok thanks <3

Thanks for this model. it looks fantastic.

What are the best Cura settings for this model?

I was thinking about 1.2mm wall thickness, 0 infill, 5 walls, maybe raft.
I am also thinking about the vase mode (spiralizing the outer wall).

what would you recommend?

infill must be 100%, all others can leave default.

Doesn't 100% mean a solid-core moon or will it print just the outer shell at 100% ?

The STL iteself is an hollow object, 100% infill means print a solid shell.

Thanks, I will try :)

FANTASTIC!! After finally learning how to dance with my first machine (Mamorubot SX4), your small moon models have become a perfect show off piece. I'm about to print a 3.5" model with a personalized sleeve (daughters name) as a special gift. Bravo!!

So, now that you know what you know, how hard would it be to do all over. Seems to me that Mars is a duotone also. Be great to reach out into the solar system, heh.

Thanks, you're inspiring. Cheers! Chris

is this thing supposed to be nearly 3 gb big or..?

Just a big thank you to the creater of this beautifull moon. Best thing I made so far with my 3D printer.
7" on 0,1mm took me 94 hourst but MAN it is beautifull.

hi sir moomon, i wonder why iam under extrusion when printing 2 inches moon, when i print other things its normal..

Normally it can fix by lowering the speed

hi sir moon ca you share your retraction settings whenyou printing the moon thank you

The default value of Cura 3

thank you sir, i will try again

I bought the 6" model on cgtrader.
What I noticed is that the inner shell look much more like the surface of the moon than the outer shell.
I did a split in Slic3r to show this.
Could it be that there is something switched in the STL file? Or is this actually okay?
I wouldn't want to waste 72 hours of printing to find out the surface of the moon is on the inside of the sphere ;)

Hi bbergman, thanks for your support. I have not used Slic3r, you can compare it with the model downloaded from thingiverse to confirm this.

Hi, I tried the STL files from thingiverse as well... same issue.
I downloaded your first Moon Lamp also (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2771919), there the surface is on the outside as it's supposed to be.
See the attached screenshots for this first model.
So I think this model has the surface (Moon Bump Map) on the inner shell and the light intensity/wall thickness (Moon Color Map) on the outer shell. That should be the other way around I suppose?

The same happens when opening the STL files in for instance Mesh Mixer or Cura by the way.

Moon Lamp

If you can see same “issue” from the STL downloaded from thingiverse, then that is not an issue. You may refer to the “Makes” page to see other people print result for your reference.

If you look at the render on Thingiverse for version 1 (moonLamp1.png) and version 2 and 3 (moonLamp2.png & moonLamp3.png) then you can also see the difference.
The first version clearly show craters, the latter versions show thicker layers of plastic on that spot.

Yes, as you read the instructables, the modeling method between v1 and v2/3 are very different.

After reading all instructables thoroughly again I see what you mean. As a solution to get rid of blurriness a part of the color map is 'placed' on the outer shell. When the light is on, the result should be better than the first version if I understand it correctly.

But I still think that the inner shell looks much more like the surface of the moon than the outer shell.
You don't agree with that?

Please look at a moon photo and my side by side comparisons of inner and outer shell, which one looks most like the moon.

I see the same issue in slic3r with the 8" STL file. It looks like the moon is inside out.

As you can see the others people print out in “Makes” section, you should comfort can print out a similar result.

Did you have a chance to have a look at my reply from February 12? And compare the inside / outside with the moon photo.
What would be your thoughts on which looks most similar?

As mentioned in my instructables, the inner shape is derived from the outer shape. So it is make sense both outer and inner shape also look like Moon surface.

Thank you for the work and dedication to this project! The images look amazing!
Having the bump map on the inside makes the moon look good when used as a lamp, but it does not look like the moon when the light is off. Yes, many have made your moon, but I understand what bbergman and mrgreg are saying above and I agree. The moon would still look the same when used as a lamp (light inside) if you reversed the two sides, right? Same thickness everywhere. but it would ALSO look like the moon on the outside when the light is off. Does that make sense? For example, what if I don't want a light inside at all and instead, shine another light towards the moon to simulate the sun shining on the moon. If the inside were reversed, the shadows would still appear correctly.

But this make is a moon "lamp." I guess what you're saying would be a different make.

Hi, has any special filament been used in order to achieve this print? Awesome design.

Hi ErasmusKoska, it is white PLA. Please find more selection detail at my instructables.

Hi, are there anyone on ebay selling this battery driven light for the ornament stl's as in the link https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=543451649490


Tried printing the model yesterday but it failed due to the rectraction flattening the filament... Extrusion stopped... Anyone encounter?

Slow the print down or turn up the nozzle temp. Those are the two most likely causes

How do i make the hole at the bottom to insert the lamp

If you are using Cura, simple move the object sightly below the the plan.

Thanks moon... Roughly how much do I move it by... Below was the light from taobao u recommended earlier. What size maximum can I print to fit this

When I print 5 inches model, I set Z offset to -4 mm. The below lamp base should fit up to 20 inches.

thanks so much Moon... so regardless of what size i print, will the z offset always be 4mm??

Hey moon, I bought this from taobao earlier... 【实木台灯底座藤编藤球麻球灯罩专用带开关usb插头DIY配件灯座圆形】https://m.tb.cn/h.3tt74Fv?sm=a4bef1 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或復·制这段描述¥pidUbIJULpq¥后到... What is the maximum size moon I can print with this lamp

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Hi Moononournation =D
Good day~ First of all very thank you on sharing this amazing moon stl file.
I wanted to ask is there a way that i can mask or put our own photo onto the moon stl file you have created? any software can let me do so?
Thanks in advance..

This lamp base should fit for 8 inches to 20 inches spherical lamp shade. But my printer only can print 5 inches one, look like a little bit too small.

I find more and more people asking it, may be it is my next instructablles.

How do you recommend printing this? 100% infill?

Wow, very nice model. I'm using a CR10s and want to print the 11 inch version. I am trying to figure if supports are needed for the top (Tower in the center) or not for this print. I am worried I will be 80 hours into printing to then see that the top layers have sagged and the print fail.

No support makes some tiny holes on the top, but I think it is acceptable. Support itself use too much filament and time to print, I don't think it worth to do so. If you have 3D pen in hand, it is very easy to fix those tiny holes.

FYI, all printed Moon lamp in the above photos print without support. All of them have some tiny holes, but it is no noticeable, isn't it?

Thank you for the very fast reply! I am wanting to attempt an 11 inch print. The smaller the circle as in the above string of lights, the steeper the angles, and much easier to 3D print.. When doing this print in 11 in diameter, the top is going to be much larger and much more flat. That is the part I'm worried about.

with your slizer you should be able to print the topmost inch only to check print qualitiy.

I am printing 5” one at 0.2 mm layer. If you also print 11” one at <= 0.44 mm layer height, I think it should have similar result.


For the 8", what is the best layer size? 0.15 or 0.2?


Comments deleted.

Has anyone found a United States source for the keychain LED lights that fit the smaller moons (or any of the lights used for the various sizes and thingiverse listings)? Even if not US based, something from Amazon or Ebay would help. I think I found the things used in your other listing for the High Detail moon with the 28mm opening and would like to print one of these smaller *170 keychain ones. Thanks!

I purchased this from Ebay. I have not received it yet. I will update once I have received and installed it in my 1st printed moon.
Circuit Board Touch NEW USB Remote Control 3 Settings 3D Printed Moon Lamp Light https://ebay.us/eg08jd
I am printing a 14 cm diameter moon.

Hi cruiseback, attached screens are the different between raft and support in Cura. Hope it can help you.

I am in love with this model! However I have a problem with it and S3D.

Everytime I try to print it on my CR-10, the printer starts printing around 1 cm above the bed, no matter whether I use a skirt, raft or support.

I tried using "Drop model to table" in S3D but no matter what the printer decides to start 1 cm above the bed. It doesn't do that with any other prints and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong? Have anyone else experienced the same?

Thanks for the great model, can't wait to print it properly myself.

I am using Cura. If you want print a whole model, generate support is already ok. Or if you you want to make a lamp plane cut the bottom with 3D Builder or Meshmixer first.

Hi Leung, thank you for your reply. So what you are saying is that if I want to print a whole model, I have to use support, not just a raft?

I already tried with support when printing, but the printer still begins printing 1 cm above bed on z axis. It only does that for this model which is what I don't understand. I am using the same settings etc. for all my prints.


Awesome model! Tip sent! Glad to help out a fellow maker. =D

Thanks for you support!

Can you generate a model at full detail for a 500mm print? I already have a 400mm moon but would like more detail before I spend the few hundred hours printing the 500mm moon model !! a google drive link or something since thingiverse won't allow one that high in resolution?

I have just uploaded model up to 24 inches.

can you please send me the 5inch version or can you specify if i can just scale up the 3.5inch i would also like to know what infill setting to use

uploaded larger size

Could you upload versions of 12-15 inches of the other moons?

Hi, can you generate 7 inches? And send me? THX

uploaded larger size

Dear MoonOnOurNation, are you saying that the 3.5in STL file already comes with highest resultion and can simply be scaled up to achieve a large lamp with max resolution? Or is the 3.5 version reduced in resolution and you are looking for a way to bring us the high res one. Thx! (Awesome stuff)

The highest resolution us 24 inches with over 10 GB STL binary file. But I am affair not many computers and slicer can open this huge file. The picture the above showing is a 5 inches Moon Lamp, it is 450 MB STL and it is the biggest size my 3D printer can print. I am still finding a away to share larger files.

Have you considered using BitTorrent und share it P2P?

I can image that people can't wait to print your high res moon! Would be awesome if you find a way to share higher res STLs. I happen to run a Prusa MK3, so a 200mm/7.8in file would be great!

uploaded larger size

Slic3r crash when I try to cut the bottom part of the largest moon. Are you able to upload one pre-cut on the underside for mounting as a lamp?

try Cura, or you can use 3d builder or mesh mixer cut it first.

I tried fusion 360 with mesh to cut, but then it went super sized when trying to import it in slic3r again + 3 day printing time even when resizing it to the same size as 3.5 inch

I can slice normally even at 5 inches version using Cura.

Dear MoonOnOurNation,

Fantastic design. With the Ender 3 (heated bed) and Cura I am trying to cut down on printing time by 24 hours. What Support and Build Plate Adhesion should I use when printing a 7 inch moon?

Or should I use no supports at all? It would be frustrating printing for 2 days and to have it come loose. I have not tried a print without supports so I don't know what the outcome will be.

Have you printed without Supports?


I am printing without support, you may print raft to increase adhesive.