Jet Engine Model

by AnDuong Nov 27, 2018
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Is it possible to use a carbon fibre rod for the shaft? 9mm rods are very hard to find in lenghts over 333mm

333mm is absolutely fine :)
I would recommend you to get a steel shaft if you are planning to spin the Fan with high RPM. Also, if you print the shaft instead, I don’t think it won’t be very straight due to its length

Hi, An
I tried emailing you. Is 0.2mm layer sufficient, or did you go even lower?

Hi sveinskaara ,

Sorry I must have missed your email.
Yes, I printed the entire model at 0.2mm layer height except the nose cone tip.

Thanks for the quick reply. Has anyone tried a variable speed motor to possibly generate scaled thrust?

I haven't tried it yet but it would be an easy task :)

Thanks, An. Will start planning all the printed parts, plus color choices. I dont see custom supports on the models in the regular folders, so im a bit confused if im going for regular files or WS files. I have a Formbot Raptor with 400x400x500 volume, so i can print the big parts in one piece, and use the Prusa mk3s for the small detailed parts

ohh, that's because not every part would need custom support - if you download and open the BOM spread sheet, you would see which parts have custom support (normally the ones with curved overhanging features).
My recommendation would be: print a small part (e.g. a turbine blade ring) with both custom support and no custom support and see which one work best for you.

Thanks. Doing a testprint now to check support z distance and type

Cool, let me know if you need more help
P/s: I normally use 0.2mm for z and 0.7mm for x/y support distance, and Zigzag for support type

I think i dialed it in now. Missing colors of PLA ordered, so now the fun begins :) Just need to categorize the prints to keep track of which part is which. Thanks for great support, An. Ill definately upload pics of the make

First of all, this is a very cool model. What is missing, however, is what parts you replace for the extreme version? The BOM included with the "extreme" version doesn't make any sense. I'm pretty sure you just have all of the original parts in there AND the replacement parts. It would make sense to remove the original parts and put in the replacement extreme parts instead, and maybe highlight them somehow.

For example, in the extreme BOM under the fan casing you have:

Fan Case Front (01)
Fan Case Front (02)
Fan Case Mid (01)
Fan Case Mid (02)
Fan Case Rear (01)
Fan Case Rear (02)
Fan Case Front Mount (Front)
Fan Case Front Mount (Rear)

Under options you have listed:

Fan Case Front Sub
Fan Case Mid Sub
Fan Case Rear Sub
Fan Case Mount Front Sub
Fan Case Mount Rear Sub

I'm pretty sure a majority of those under the fan casing header you should NOT print, because they have "extreme upgrades". But it's unclear which of them you're not supposed to print, and instead print items from "optional package" instead. You change your naming system, so it's unclear what is a sub for what.There are two Rear Fan Cases listed in the original BOM, but only one sub. It doesn't correspond to 01 or 02, so which does it replace? I think you can figure this out from inspection, but it is confusing.

In your original comment, you say "print these additional files and add them onto the STANDARD model" which makes it more confusing. I think this applies to some items that are just added on, but not to others which have direct replacement parts.

Hi FChamberlain,

Thank you for the comment and apologies for the confusion.

Actually, the word "Sub" at the end of all EXTREME Version parts doesn't mean that these part will replace any parts of the standard version. I should've used another word to avoid this confusion but at the time when I created this model, I didn't think about it that far so I just pick the word "Sub" out of the blue to help me differentiate between the original parts and the additional ones :)

Basically, from the example above, you can understand it like this:
Fan Case Front Sub ---> Fan Case Front (3)
Fan Case Mid Sub ---> Fan Case Mid (3)
Fan Case Rear Sub ---> Fan Case Rear (3)

So yes, when I said "print these additional files and add them onto the STANDARD model", I actually meant it. All parts in the EXTREME Version folder which have the ending "Sub" are additional parts and they DO NOT replace any parts of the standard model. You will need to print them all.

Comments deleted.

Hello AnDuong,

First of all a hearty congratulations are in order for building this mechanical masterpiece. I am planning on starting this project by next week and giving myself about 45 days to completion. My biggest concern has been my build volume (205205220). The fan issue has been solved since you have included the split parts, however the fan case assembly has 2 parts that are still right on the edge for me. I have an associate who may be able to print those two pieces for me but apart from that I see this as a highly adventurous build and it will be proudly displayed at our flying club where we will use this as a practical learning tool. Once again I am grateful for releasing such a beautiful design with such detailed building instructions. I will update you if I run into any snags and will post the pics once I am finally done, definitely going for the Extreme mod :D.

Hi ArcAngel_9,

Thank you for your kind words on the Jet Engine Model :).
45 days should give you enough time to make this model (even with the EXTREME mod).
Yes, I'm afraid you would need to ask your associate to print the Fan Case for you as your printer must have a build volume larger than 213x179x112mm to print the largest part (this is the envelop of the larger Fan Case piece.
Do let me know how you get on with this project, obviously it's a big one and it would take you quite some time to print all the parts and assemble the model, but feel free to ask me any questions along the way :)

What Ball bearing do i have to use? and could you do a file with every file for the standart model, you lose the overview.

Here are the Ball Bearings and quantity you need for this model:

  • Open Ball Bearings (2-off): Inside Dia 20mm, Outside Dia 47mm, Race Width 14mm
  • Open Ball Bearings (4-off): Inside Dia 17mm, Outside Dia 35mm, Race Width 10mm

I'm not sure what your second question is? Did you mean an STL file that contains all the parts of the Standard model, like an assembly file instead of individual part file?

Having issues separating the turbine rotors support (The flat base around the rear on the 3d model. What's your secret as when I remove it it's taking chunks out of the blades? Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, if you print them rotors on a single head printer, they are quite difficult to remove and it’s almost impossible to remove the support without damaging the blades. However, the damage are at the trailing edges, not leading edges so when you assemble the model, you won’t notice the damage at all (because only the leading edges are visible). If you want to create your own support using your slicer software for them turbine rotors, I can upload the SLTs without support for you
I was fortunate enough to get access to an Ultimaker S5 (which is a dual heads printer) so I printed supports for these rotors using PVA and as they dissolve away in water, I don’t need to remove supports at all and the blades are perfect

That would be great if you could upload the SLT#s so I can print without the support. I'm Steve B by the way that contacted you on the RR Yammer site :)

Thanks for all your efforts on this and many thanks for your offer of help.

Thank you Steve :).
I've just uploaded some new folders/update. Please refer to the Summary tab for more details.

I also experienced this "issue" with the support. I think it would´ve helped if the T/E of the blades were straight, not angled. That way the printer could print without any support and use bridging for the first 1 or 2 layers?

But your engine makes lots of fun to print and I´m almost done :D

Is the shaft included in the files or would I have to buy it separately?

I’m guessing you are asking about the LP shaft?. If so, you’ll need to purchase a 9mm DIA steel rod and cut it to the right length.

Yes and thank you. Great design by the way, looks amazing.

Hi AnDuong,
I have two questions:
1) Which slicer did you use for both engines?
2) Is there any possibility that you do an inlet cowl?

After finishing the engine model by CATIAV5FTW your model is the next to print. Together with the turboprop engine by konchan77 I have my top 3 things on this platform.
Thanks for sharing!

Hi ASW20,
My answers:
1) I used Cura
2) Yes, I’m working on that. If you want to follow my progress, please see my posts on LinkedIn :)

Thank you for making my jet engine model. Please share some photos when you are done. I would love to see your engine

I will share some pictures once I´m done, but it will take same time ;).

very new to printing-- I want to print just the fan blade. have scaled it for my machine but the file loads vertically. Shall I lay it down flat on the printer bed? can you give tips on if/ where I need supports?

Hi, you need to lay it down flat on the print bed (because this part was designed to be printed specifically in this orientation). You don’t need support as I have already added custom support for the Fan. If you look at the trailing edge of each individual blade, you’ll see the custom support.

Thanks so much! We look forward to giving it a try!

Hi Jugarin, your colour scheme looks very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
Please upload the photos once you've assembled it! I would love to see your model! :)

I really love your engine! Hope I have my printer fully configured to print it! Just tarting to learn to print parts. Please dont bother with people like that one we have read ;-(

Is it possible to print the engine case with a 200x200x200 printer?? prusa i3 steel BTW

Again, congratulations!

Hi Pacomb,

Thank you for your kind feedback. Yes, please let me know how you get on :)
Unfortunately the Fan Case - although I have split it into 3 pieces - the largest piece is still slightly larger than your build volume (213x179x112).
I would suggest, if you scale down the whole model slightly (just enough to fit the Fan Case onto your bed), you should be fine. However, please note that:
1 - You'll need to widen the holes for the M3 & M4 screws as they will be smaller than they should be
2 - The LP shaft will not be a 9mm DIA Steel Shaft anymore, you'll need to find another shaft with a smaller DIA to suit

If you scale the model your bearings also won't fit. I have a Prusa i3 MK3 and I've checked that all parts will be able to print on my bed, I've printed most already, just have the new split fan and fan casing left to print but it does fit.

That's right! Thanks for pointing that out HkySk8r187!
I completely forgot about the bearings.

This is absolutely beautiful, you should be very proud of this. The build stand is a great touch, and the blue matches perfectly! Thank you very much for sharing!

Thank you for your feedback :)

Hi AnDuong,
I've one more question. I'm currently printing all of the Parts but I can't find the removable parts of the case, so for example the Fan Case Mid 01 & 02 are the two non-removable parts of the case around the big fan but I'm not able to find the removable third part.
Also you're showing the A-Frames and some other parts of the case in your video 8/10 that i'm not able to find in the files - are they not in there or did I miss something?

Hi ToeffToeff, apologies for the confusion, I should've said clearer in the first place that all the optional parts are not available to download yet. I've just edited the description to reflect this. Sorry

Comments deleted.

Totally uncalled for. You go on about an "Attitude" yet you come on here abusing a guy who has spent time making this for people to use, for free. Maybe Thingiverse should charge people who abuse other users for their bandwidth. :) Just saying.

Hi Linuxglobal,

Thank you for your comment. But I would suggest you think twice before you say and don't judge anyone as quickly as you just did.

Firstly, my goal never was to reach 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 downloads. If you read the description carefully - I intended to design this model for internal use only (within Rolls-Royce). However, as it seems to be a very interesting model for STEM and it has also created a lot of interests (I only share the progress of this project on my LinkedIn originally), I decided to make an effort to publish the design. Do you have ANY idea how much work involved for an individual whom works for a company that makes Jet Engine to publish anything that might relate to their products? It took me 6 months with countless of meetings, conversations and IP checks before I can put anything on a public domain if you want to know.

Secondly, please define "incomplete design like this one"?, I based my design on the 2-shaft jet engine model by CATIAV5FTW - which is also a cutaway version. Just because I don't happen to share all the optional parts that I also designed just yet, my design is now an "incomplete" design?.

Finally, I said the optional parts are not available to download YET, doesn't mean that I don't plan to share them at all or publish them at a later date. The main reason behind this was because I've agreed with my sponsors to keep the EXTREME version for Rolls-Royce for a while before letting everyone have all the files and make an exact copy of this unique version. If you'd followed my instructions and given me a reason why you also want the optional parts right now, perhaps I could've shared them with you.

Anyways, with attitude like yours, I would never share a thing.

Comments deleted.

1, Do you even know how to read mate:
"Having said that, if you are so much in love with the EXTREME Version of the model and desperately can't wait to have the additional SLT files. Please drop me a message via my LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/duongan) or my email anduong18081991@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do."

2, Thanks but I seriously don't care about number of downloads at all, it's a joke when I said if this model was EVER gonna be downloaded 100,000 times.

You seriously don't seem to understand about hard work and just simply try to throw me under the bus. Haha.

Hi, this is an amazing project! I want to build my own but didn't find any specification of the little geared motor you use.
I found the same one on ebay / aliexpress with 6V as you mention in the video but there are different rpm values to choose... which one do you use?

Hi ToeffToeff, thank you for your comment. I used the 30rpm version. But I guess if you want the Fan to spin a bit faster then you can also go with the 60rpm one

Hi AnDuong, thanks for the fast reply. Because the motors are really cheap I ordered a bunch of them with different rpm values (30/60/100/200/300/500/1000). I'll test them and decide which is the best... Maybe I'll add a motor driver to one of the faster versions for variable speed.

Good idea! If you manage to add a motor driver to the design to adjust the speed, let me know so I can copy what you've done :)

Amazing job! We are just fishing up the 2 spool jet from CATIAV5FTW and will most definitely build yours next! good work.

Thank you.
Let me know how you get on with the model!
I’m looking forward to seeing yours!

Love this! Looks amazing, and great job with the extensive documentation as well.

Thank you Chris :)