Ender 3 Y-axis stepper motor damper spacer

by matthijsp Nov 29, 2018
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Fantastic! worked like a charm!

Вот тут чувак снял без проблем, правда не показан обратный процесс... И да в комментариях пишут, что стол стал немного мешать штоку двигателя..

scale it in your slicer...

Does anyone know of a wider version of this spacer for the Ender 3 PRO?

I didn't want to cut the new M3x25 bolts to 23mm so i built the setup a little differently.
Instead of
stepper-motor-mount -> damper -> printed part -> motor
i used
stepper-motor-mount -> printed part (with the opening towards the motor) -> damper -> motor

I then put the M3x25 screws from the damper trough the printed part and trough the stepper-motor-mount and fixed them with two M3 nuts

If you don't want to buy new bolts and you have a couple of those spare black bolts leftover from your X axis stepper, you can use my adapter: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3532239

Ender 3 Y Axis Bolt Spacer

Very nice designs for the X and Y damper fixtures! I noticed on the x-axis mount you mentioned needing to reverse the motor, but not on the Y. From my understanding you're reversing the side both motors are attached, so do you also need to reverse the y-axis motor? Also, what is changing with the motor that is causing it to overheat? I want to install these mods, but prefer to have all the details before starting.

For both mods, the stepper-motors stay in exactly the same position, it is only the mount that changes. The possible overheating is happening because the motor normally can lose all it's heat through the frame of the printer but the dampers cause the motor to not touch the frame anymore (the rubber damper acts as an insulator) so it cannot get rid of it's heat. This is always an issue with these kind of dampers, not specifically for these mods.

I knew it was an issue with most mods (not just these ones), I was just curious why that was a thing. And as for keeping the motors in the same place, aren't they flipping to the other side of the mount? so for the y, instead of the motor being on the left and the gear coming through the hole, the whole motor is on the right side of the belt (but still in the back of the printer)?

Great design, work wonders, thanks !

A reminder to everyone using this kind of design, it will make your motor way worse at dissipating heat. The backplate covered means the motor will get hot if given no way to get rid of excess heat. It's bad, damage can go from excessive wear to fire so... A simple solution is to add a heatsink (40x40 aluminium ones are cheap and efficient), glue it with conductive glue.

Thank you. Really 90% noise reduction! Perfekt.

But why are getting the stepper motors so hot?

Big Thanks, it changes everything !!!
About 90% noise reduction about motor screaming
I just hear the fans
For the build process it's not complicated

Great design!

For those who do not have the screws for the spacer,
just print a mirrored version of the end stop mount and use the stock screws.

Works for me.


Ender-3 Y-axis Endstop Holder
Ender-3 Y-Axis Limit Switch/End Stop Holder

Few questions.

Is the whole process difficult?

What thickness of dampers are people talking about? Just a bit confused....

Also, what ideas for sucking heat from motor? Would any small finned heatsink work?

I've published a remix with the geometry of the damper spacer adapted to the damper bending under the belt tension: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3421203 X-axis correction is coming soon.

Y-axis damper spacer and compensator

Thank you for a clever design! I was going to design something much more complicated like your X-axis holder, concerning the press-fit pulleys I got, but luckily you have come up with the idea of switching the side of the Y-axis motor mount.

There is one thing though that I think should be improved. You didn't take into account that when you tighten the belt, the damped motor moves toward the tension vector and the pulley is not aligned properly any more. The belt does not run as smooth as it should and wears faster especially on higher tensions that are needed for clear corners prints. This is getting even worse in the case of the X-axis.

Please fix that or upload the original (vector) model files and I promise to make a fix and publish it here as a remix of your model.

By the way I made the z-axis holder for the damper too. It is not as crucial as X and Y dampers upgrades, but definitely improves both silence and smooth z movement. Here's the thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3383222

Creality CR-10, Ender 3 Z-axis damper support

Thank you for your comment. You could try the alternative way of mounting it just like the make of user vampirex13 at https://www.thingiverse.com/make:578752

He has mounted it in the order mountplate-->spacer-->damper instead of mountplate-->damper-->spacer

This uses the same spacer design and the only extra requirement is that your damper has a big enough hole to fit over the pulley.

I have designed this spacer by taking the .stl of the original spacer I remixed, edited that in Tinkercad and saving it again as an .stl file. There is no 'original' but if there is another file type which you prefer and Tinkercad supports as an export format I will make an export for you.

Ender 3 Y-axis stepper motor damper spacer

Unfortunately I got the "small hole" dampers and press-fit pulleys. I have worked this out with the jigsaw for X-axis but luckily didn't have to mess with that for Y-axis thanks to your design. Since you were designing it in tinkercad there's no need to export, I will make it again from
the scratch. Although the part for X-axis is a bit more complicated so if you just in case have it in obj, f3d or any other vector format it would be nice to have it.

If you want to make your own X-axis design, a good place to start is the open-source original designs of Creality themselves at:


That way you don't have to redesign the whole mountplate, just add your own modifications :)

Wow I didn't know they open sourced the whole thing, thanks for a clue.

awesome review, i have the same problems with this mod plus my stepper motor getting so hot i cant even touch it anymore =(

Nice modification, but be careful, steppers are going too HOT! Cooling is needed!

Hi, my dampers are unfortunately 7.08mms wide, could you attach yet another version please or link your files, so I could do the required changes myself? Same for the X-Axis also :(

Thanks so much, I was about to order new pulleys and change them with force, but this seems to be a way more elegant solution :)

This is a great mod! The X-Axis is perfect, but I'm getting the Y-Axis hitting stops before the microswitch. Did you modify the bed in any way?

Thanks for designing this, you've saved me a lot of hassle removing the press fit pulleys!

The Y-axis should not hit anything. Do you know which parts hit? The spacer should keep the motor at the same position as original (which is the idea behind this design). I have not modified the bed.

Ignore me! I produced some spacers to re-use the spare bolts I had from the X-Axis mod you produced and they were fouling the bed. Turn the dampener 90 degrees and problem solved! Ignore my stupidity :)

What do you mean "I reused most stock-parts"? Neither M3x25 nor M4x30 bolts came with the printer...

Most does not mean all.

Yes, most means more than 50%. From my understanding it's only reusing 2 out of 6 screws, that is not "most".

The point is the original Y-axis mount/motor/pulley/endstop are still used and besides the printed parts you only need to change a few screws (and I mention which ones). But if you like to nitpick: I said parts, not screws, so I think we can all agree that more than 50% of all original Ender 3 parts are still in use after this modification ;-)

If using the screws I mentioned is an issue, you should check out the nice make by vampyrex13 who added some recesses to be able to use shorter screws (still longer than the original, but maybe easier to find)

Thanks for you solution. I've printed and installed it. But it seemed to me that it is better to change the order.
In other order it works fine too. But it should be little smaller for installation in this way. I've solved this issue with 0.7mm spacer between mounting plate and chassis (may be later I'll change model and reprint it).

Thanks for the design! Printed and looks good thus far! My damper is 6mm thick, and my belt was slightly off center. I added a metal washer beneath the metal plate which goes to the frame to solve the problem.

Btw, how does long prints, when stepper goes hot, affect integrity of the spacer? I mean pla will become softer around 70C, do you see any changes in spacer geometry / melting after prolonged usage?

Thank you for your comment. My damper is 5.8mm thick, so a slight offset is possible (a user below commented on having 8.66mm thick dampers, so this is absolutely worth checking). I have no issues with the temperature, but I haven't printed anything longer than about 5 / 6 hours. My steppers are not really hot at that point. But this may be different for you. See also the comment/reply below of user urban07 who has made a cooling solution.

So, after 10 hours of print (still ongoing) my stepper is definitely hotter than previously. It is 5C-7C hotter than my z stepper, which has plastic shim installed and also separated from the frame (and runs hotter than previously). However, Y motor is by touch about 5C cooler than my 60C bed. The spacer is intact and pretty cool by touch. The temperature of the motor stabilises after few hours, so I doubt it will change much even after few days of consecutive printing. The problem can occur during a hot summer day though, it is around 23 degrees now and things will change when it will be 33C...

I just ran quite a long print (8 hours or so) after mounting this. After about 2 hours in, I checked how hot does the motor get. Unfortunately, it's pretty hot. I don't have a right thermometer to measure this, but touching it, it seems a bit hotter than the heatbed - so 65-70 degrees, maybe?

It might be a good idea to mount a small radiator somewhere on the motor to help it cool a bit.

Could you share this design please?

Sorry, there's not much design there :D
I just made it from scrap laying around - I attached an old radiator to the motor using plastic zip ties

So I just made this contraption mid-print, and it actually works perfectly, to my surprise :D
The motor is now about as cool as the other axis motors

Even used some thermal grease :P

Great design! I tired printing other stable looking Y axis mounts, but they all flexed too much. I wanted to see if someone had made a more stable one that utilized the metal stock mount when I found yours. It's next on my queue of things to print.

What size (depth) dampers are you using here? I printed this out as is, fitted it but find I have about a 3.75 mm gap between the mounting plate and the rail it screws to. My dampers are 8.66 mm deep. I fitted a temporary spacer to test and was pleased with the noise reduction.

I'm half way through printing your X-axis solution at the moment.

My dampers are 5.8mm. The spacer is 20mm (extrusion) + 3mm (mount-plate) - 5.8mm (damper) = 17.2mm deep

Thanks for the information on your dampers. The Amazon listed dampers I bought stated that they were 6 mm thick. Either I've been sent the wrong ones or the listing is wrong.

I've also wasted a load of time and filament printing your X-axis mounting plate as well because it will be for 6 mm dampers too :((

Is it possible to add an updated spacer to fit my 8.68 mm dampers please? The same for the X-axis solution as well please.

Thank you.

20mm + 3mm - 8.68mm = 14.32mm --> attached an y-axis spacer of 14.32mm

(you said you have a gap of 3.75mm, how accurate did you measure that? This spacer is 2.88mm smaller. If you actually need 3.75mm smaller I could make it but I'm afraid the belt might not fit the smaller gap. I don't know if the belt fits for the attached version either. I have just altered the size, it is not tested in any way. If the belt hits the damper then this solution will not work for you)

Thank you for this. I will look at it again later this afternoon. I have just re-measured the thickness of the spacer I used (actually a square nut) and it's more 3.72mm.

I've just measured the original spacer that I printed and it appears to be 16.7mm thick (measured with calipers) - not the 17.2 mm you quote above. It may be that my printer is not extruding enough to give the correct layer thicknesses. I'm new to this 3D printing lark so will need to check my extrusion rate.

I'll let you know how I get on - it might be a day or two though. Thanks again.

Edit @ 16:28: I've decided to return the dampers I have and buy a different set that are also listed as 6 mm and hope that is what will turn up.


Hi, Very nice design! And I also checked your X solution.

Any change to design a solution for the Y-axis of the Ender f Pro, there the extrusion is 4040?

Thank you

To fit an Ender 3 pro the spacer should be 2cm wider than my current design. I don't own an Ender 3 Pro and don't have access to one, so I can't test if simply making it wider will do the trick. What I don't know is if the endstop can be moved in the same way to the other side as on a normal Ender 3 and if doing so will not result in the bed hitting it. I'm willing to make to make a wider version for you if can post a picture here which shows a close up of the rear of the y-axis and how the endstop is attached and if the end-stop-holes are visible on the other side of the extrusion.


Yes, endstop can be moved to the other side in a same way as you did.

But I'm afraid that the metal frame holding the stepped cannot due to the groove for the belt.

Some more photos attached

The metal frame holding the stepper is the one that should be replaced in an ideal solution. I'm trying to find a design or measurements for it but no luck yet.

I like this idea a lot. I'll be sure to print this once I get my dampers. Does mounting the motor like this also help with the problem of buildplate base hitting the motor after installing a damper on Y axis?

Also, is this construction stable enough to print without any problems? I saw a couple designs on thingiverse that allow you to mount dampers on both sides of a motor (for increased stability I guess?)

Yes, the buildplate doesn't hit the motor because this spacer makes sure the motor is exactly in its original location.

I think it is pretty stable as a have the same printing results as before, but please let me know if you think your results have degraded. I might make a double-damper-mount if people are having issues.

Great work, needed this as I also have the press-fit pulley. I assumed this is also an issue on the X axis.. do you know of any designed spacer that works for these?

I have designed a solution for the x-axis also. Please check it out if you like. It's a bit harder to mount but works perfectly :)


Ender 3 X-axis stepper motor damper mount

Thanks, I'm pleased you like my solution. I do not know of any which works for the x-axis. There are some similar things on Thingiverse but they all require you to either remove the pulley or leave your pulley misaligned. I'm working on a solution which replaces the x-axis motor mounting plate for a printed one which accomodates for a damper without changing the motor-offset. When it is done and I'm satisfied I will also post it on Thingiverse.