Eagle Mask

by ThreeForm Oct 15, 2012
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i printed it with some aditional support, but it didn't fit, so i cut off the support smothed everything with sandingpaper and put it in the oven at 80°c for about a minute - then i pressed it on my face and let it cool - now i have a perfect fit!!

Did you use a program which Auto added supports or did you do it manually? When you first designed the masks how to you get it so you know it would fit their face? Do you think if I used 123D Catch I could get my head and then easily design a mask from there?

@The3rdIcon I built these supports manually to avoid excessive contact area. All my design are based on 3D scans. 123D catch might work, it just tends to be lumpy and off scale, so you'd have to do a lot of cleanup. As far as the modeling difficulty, that part is subjective, but if you keep it basic it shouldn't be too hard.

Is the girl in the picture single?

Sorry bud, Erika does not accept internet suitors.

Printed great with no supports. What program did you model the mask in? When i design something and print my own design, the curves arent even close to your model when printed

Start with lots of extra polygons in your model, then use subdivide and smooth in Meshlab before decimating to get nice smooth corners.

I closed the gaps on the cheeks and forehead because they are nearly horizontal, and won't print well without support material.

Is there a design like the one in the first picture? With the gaps on the cheeks and the forehead?

Just use a Dremel to cut out the recessed areas to make the gaps.

A new version with a support piece has been added. Be sure to smooth the contact points after support removal.

you could print it flat. then use hot water to make it face shaped.. this process is way faster than printing it upright.
also it produces a stronger part.. (layer orientation)

Very cute. Absolutely love it. Can't print it though, keeps falling over just before it joins the two halves together, even with a 8mm brim, and skirt. Any chance of some support down the back.

If you print on blue tape, then clean the tape first with isopropyl alcohol - this will increase sticiness by a factor of 10X and you can print 10X as high before it will fall over. Also make sure your bed is close enough to nozzle so first layer is squished slightly into the tape.

Saw you guys wearing these at Maker Faire.  They look great!

 Thanks, we had a blast! Can't wait 'til next year.