Filament filter with PTFE and 2020/3030 attachment

by Moederbeer Nov 30, 2018
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nice thing - sadly i'm not able to "move" the two parts after printing it together.
Maybe too less tolerance for me.

I tried three times with different settings without success.

thanks anyway :)

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, if they're stuck you probably have your flow rate set too high or too little cooling. Which printer are you using and have you calibrated flowrate?

I just posted my make now. I love.the design, it's fantastic.

My only request for improvement would be to increase the overall dimensions, so that a ptfe push fit connector can be added to the design on top and on bottom.

The nut method just doesn't work for me. It works. But I see having to shave the tube down to fit, as a design flaw, rather then a modification needed to fit the model.

I highly recommend at least doing that, making the model larger to take ptfe push fit connectors.

I really like your design and would like to give you the opportunity to improve it. I am planning a remix of my own, specifically for this.

I'd prefer to see your model improved and take the cake for best filament filter on Thingiverse. Rather the. Steal.yoyr thunder with a remix.

Please !!! Check out my make too :-)

I made a new version which accepts M6 fittings.

Your the man !! You even used the exact fitting I have sitting around . Thank you so much! Will post another make shortly. Check out my "Hypercube Remix" it has your filter on it !! Will have the new one now!!


I will see what I can do! :) It's a good idea, I just didn't have the connectors laying around to test it.

Comments deleted.

Hi, nice piece.
Could you provide the design file so it could be adapted to a 3030 frame?

Thanks, I don't like to share source files.This piece will probably fit on a 3030 just fine but I can make adjustments to have it centered. Just the lip has to be a little wider then right? 3030 also uses M5 screws?

Yes, the main objective is to have it adjusted to the 3030 profile. If you don't mind to do the adjust, great for me and for all other's that have 3030 profile ;)
And yes still using M5 screws.

Thanks in advance.

I've added the 3030 files, added 5mm on both sides of the M5 screw.

Thanks a lot, I will try to print it on the weekend and give feedback.

Can you made one for the 2.85mm filament?

I see that a 2.85mm PTFE tube has a OD of 6.35mm. Will a M6 nut thread on that? I'll also need dimensions of the nut used.

I will have to see if that's possible with this design.