Hexagonal Dice Box

by Nerys Nov 30, 2018
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I just want to drop a note to say thanks, I was making these boxes and saw the copyright BS on another download, and thought Iit was WOTC trying to stop these, not some jackhole who thinks they can trademark a shape.

Anyway, you're the man for fighting the good fight.

Legalities 15: Is a Shape Copyrightable? How to Get Appropriate Rights When You Commission Graphic Design
Q. I would like to use the shape of a crest that is being used by let’s say a wine bottler’s company on their label. Can a shape, or crest shape be copyrighted?

A. It depends upon how unique the shape is. Two areas of law might apply: copyright and trademark.

Copyright. Under copyright law, a simple shape, or one that is commonly used, cannot be copyrighted on its own. For example, no one can own exclusive copyright in a square, circle, oval, or diamond, or the common fleur de lis. Such shapes can be included as part of a more complex design, that as a whole is copyrighted, but if you submitted just the outline of a fleur de lis, for example, for copyright registration, it would be rejected. So if the crest you are talking about is relatively simple or popular, copyright probably does not apply. On the other hand, if the crest shape is something unique to this particular wine bottle, it might be eligible for copyright protection. This would most likely be the case if the wine company created the crest shape.

What's the deal with copyrights on these boxes? Did someone actually file a copyright on hexagonal holes for dice?

Isn't that crazy? they did exactly that. tried to claim a "Sculptural Copyright" NOT on the box design which if artistic enough they could in fact do but on the "IDEA" of hexagonal holes. no joke. Something you literally "can not copyright"

its like claiming a copyright to a hole so your oil dipstick hole violates my copyright.

can't get more stupid than that.

He couldn't do the box design either, it's literally the shape of a D20 in 2d.

Comments deleted.

Nice. Glad to see someone standing up to the copyright bullies.

he specifically asked that I not do that.

thanks. I don't want any trouble for him. if he decides to repost it himself I will remove this and reupload as a "remix" he gave me the files and the ok to post (as its posted) and asked to be left out of it.

Hey, cool box. What size magnets is this designed to be used with?

5mm (diameter) x 1mm (thick) You'll need 12 per box.

yep got 150 of them off amazon for like $8 or something like that. super cheap and they work well.

Aflink https://amzn.to/2SnV5ce

do I just hammer them in or glue them in? just spun up the print on my printer and have those magnets you linked on the way.

They should fit directly into the holes with no Force I used to drop a super glue in each hole