Customizer - Model Rocket Nose Cone Factory

by TZT Nov 30, 2018
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These are awesome! Is there any way to make these without the internal bracing structure? I'd just take the shell and epoxy a bulkhead with an eyebolt for attaching the shock cord and parachute. It will also make printing a bit faster.

I just like how Centuri looking they are.

How does one set C=0 to produce a Von Karman Ogive?

This will get you 99% there...

Parameter A = 1 (all the way to the left)

Wow it's like turning semroc into a downloadable program. I applaud your contribution to model Rocketry. Now I guess that I will have to learn how to use this program CUSTOMIZER ? I guess that I'm going to have to come up with some really radically cool designs now to compete against this awesomeness. Wink/ nudge

Thank you ;-)

In theory, this tool should be able to reproduce most conventional (symmetrical) nosecone types. I was thinking of adding a canards option, but opted against it as it will be of limited utility. As always, I'm open to any ideas for improvement.

Any way to make a fairing that can pop off the base? Basically, the bottom of the fairing would be attached to the main stage, but the wider part would come off instead, allowing for larger payloads?

Is your goal to make the cone cavity available for payloads?

I once made a rocket with the bulbous shape. It flew amazingly straight. I know this is an aside from 3D printing, but have you noticed any specific characteristics regarding these over-sized nose cones?

Not an easy question to answer as details can vary greatly, but generally, for the type of models these cones will be used on, consider the following: If the cone shape allows for laminar flow, stability should be mostly intact. If the cone disrupts the airflow in a way where the fins are in turbulent air, then instability may not be far behind.

Hope that helps.

I was happy with the flight. Landed 5' from the launch pad :) I know IRL this geometry is a payload advantage. Thanks for the wide variety of test vehicles!