Instantpot Steam diverter

by danzapper Dec 1, 2018
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I used PetG filament and didn't have any problems. I haven't tried with other type filaments. You could try adding extra shells or an increased filament feed rate. I have also found a slower speed allows better adhesion between layers.

I have printed this a few times now and the walls just seem a bit to thin? Am I doing something wrong? 2 times it has just cracked off the top where it starts to taper. :(

Might. Just adjust the size in your slicer,if you need too. Print just the lower section to see how it fits your knob and adjust if needed then print a complete version.

Would this fit the 8 qt Ultra?

On my Instant pot it fits just slightly snug on knob. The flex of the petg work great for this reason. That was also why I didn't use PLA as it's harder and doesn't have that little give to make a snug fit. Also if yours is loose just reduce the size of the print a bit till it fits tight. Also I release the steam gently not in a big rush. I haven't had any problems so far.

How do you keep it from just flying off when the steam releases?

I used PetG because seemed food safe but also for high temp 235 degree C. Steam is 100 degrees C. So most filaments should be fine. I didn't use PLA mainly because it seemed to stiff and brittle. I put it on just before releasing pressure and have had no problems and doesn't seem to get too hot and the lid on pot is plastic and seem fine also, I think the top is abs.. It is mainly for deflection purposes.

Nice design! One quick question, does the plastic melt at all because of the steam? I was thinking of printing a similar device but was concerned the plastic would melt.