Nordgrim tower rose window for 3mm laser cut MDF

by Bilbostomper Dec 1, 2018
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Something in this file seems off - the top and bottom plates do not line up with the tabs on the front window. I had to trim them. Is there another version of this?

EDIT: What I did was take the top and bottom plates in Illustrator and reduce them horizontally to 98.2% - now they fit :)

Could I suggest a photo of the back of each piece as a visual aid to assembly?

I love your work, by the way!

Thanks for your comment. The tabs on the main front piece were misaligned after I converted the piece from 4mm to 3. They should be all right now.

I found the same problem. Will download the file again :)

[edit 10 december]

The parts still don't seem to fit correctly.

Hrmf! Give me a day or so, and I'll see if I can figure out a fix.

Hopefully it should be fine now.

I hate to tell it, but the window doesn't fit on top of other parts now. It looks like the entire piece is about 3mm to long.

Well, if it's not fixed NOW, I will genuinely have a breakdown. Not sure why the parts were too wide, could be gremlins in the machinery.