UltraHDMI No Cut Mod

by collingall Dec 2, 2018
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Any chance you have any suggestions on what materials that somewhat match the different colored consoles? (If I find any I will post here as well)

The only one of the Funtastic consoles I have matching color for are the Jungle Green https://www.amazon.com/ZIRO-Filament-Dimensional-Accuracy-Translucent/dp/B071XW5J6D/

For the original systems black seems to be acceptable since it isn't something you see often. I do like using the grey that matches the cart flaps for a nice contrast https://www.paramount-3d.com/product-page/pla-pantone-gray-423c-1-75mm-1kg-filament-dgrl7042423c

Other than that a good clear pla/abs will match fine on Japanese fantastic consoles

Thanks for this! I'm not clear on where the screws will go since there are no pictures of it. I don't think the UltraHDMI PCB has any screw holes.

The piece that goes on the bottom of the UltraHDMI board has holes in all the same places as the UltraHDMI board, screws are not needed on regular systems at all, the Picachu systems do need a couple of screws to keep the board in place.

Thanks. I was installing one in a Pikachu system.