by Javintosh May 9, 2014
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I love it! Could you design poochy from Yoshi’s Wooly World?

For anyone having problems printing this out I found that the mesh isn't properly unified so Yoshi consists of 10 individual bodies and depending on your slicer settings the small amount of overlap between the bodies may not be properly printed and will therefore result in the pieces falling apart either during printing or after support removal depending on your printing method.

To fix this I used Simplify3D's "Separate Connected Surfaces" tool which breaks an .stl or .obj into the individual bodies, deleted the existing supports, then under the "Advanced Tab" in the Process Settings I selected the "Merge All Outlines" option to unify the remaining bodies into a single model. This allowed Simplify3D to print Yoshi as a unified mesh and allowed me to generate my own supports rather than use the supports included in the author's model file. The final print was done on a Flashforge Creator Pro in ABS with HIPS for support material.

Hello, something happens with YoshiRemeshed.stl, when I do it, I'm not able to do almost anything (I'm a little newbie), it seems as if the model was hollow and does not let me generate supports or anything.
I generate my own media because the ones that already exist do not serve me since the simplify cuts them when I process them.

Sooner or later upload the file YoshiRemeshed.stl solid or show me how I can do it, thank you very much

I rescaled it to 80mm height. printed fine. removing support was difficult. it does not stand very good and falls over to the Front often. overall it is a nice model.

This model is great but difficult to print. I had 3 goes and struggled to keep the supports from falling over. Last issue is removing the supports under the chin! Wow the plastic is thick!