Iron Man Mk42 Helmet

by Jace1969 Dec 3, 2018
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Hey! Just wanna say Thank You for the model and the time you put into it!

Finished printing last night. Took about 15 hours. I realized I should've printed it upside down ( Only had my Ender 3 for a week, still a noob lol). Would've cut the time and the amount of filament needed by almost half.

Printed it with about 10 cm height just to have it around my desk. Unfortunately, while removing all the supports inside the helmet I must've nicked a little bit of the helmet, near the chin pieces, on both sides. They're small holes, might be able to fix them by filling them with hot glue. Still looks amazing.

One day I'll end up painting it, maybe add some lighting inside ( it's completely hollow ).

Thanks again for all that you do! Keep it up!

EDIT: Not sure if you'd be the person to ask but I'm looking into printing some Escape From Tarkov figures however theres no models online I can look into. Is there like a way to get in-game models and port them into .stl files? It's fine if you don't know, just looking into it for now. My idea would be to gather different guns and armors and just create different loadouts and print them. Would look awesome. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your kind words, Its always a boost to get good feed back so thanks for that. It dosent happen very often so I really do appreciate it ; ) The print looks good and if your a noob at it you have done aprticulary well. Do through up some pics if and when you do get round to painting it, Cheers Jace

Will do! Keep up the good work!

hello im just wondering if there is a face plate lift mechanism so it can lift up,
thank you

hey Jace amazing work with the helmet. Quick question i have a small print bed and was wondering how i split it up to smaller manageable print sizes?

thanks in advance and keep up the good work

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3077839 I made a video here for the many people whom ask this same question. There is no audio but you should get the picture ; ) (video) When using Windows 3DBuilder alwasy save and work on them as a 3MF file not .OBJ or .STL them it should all slice up ok. Then prior to printing save as an .stl. It used to have an awesome repair function when splitting, but you may get the odd error. They will still print with that error. But if 3DBuilder wont repair it try Netfab that has also an awesome repair feature. Cheers Jace

Madalorian Concept Helmet "Beskvinn" by Red Star

Thank you so much, your a star

Do you have a f3d file? I'd like to edit it in Fusion 360, in order to install electronics!

Sorry no, don't use it.

Nice job! I'm building a larger Core X/Y printer just to handle some of these larger print jobs. My Flash Forge Creator Pro is good for smaller things... big things, not so much. That being said, as soon as I can I'll post my remix including backlit eyes that look great and you can still see through while in use. Even Marvel couldn't figure that one out, go figure. I'm sure you'll like it. : )

Thanks, me too, I'm building Bens one right now into a 500x500 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3382718 still along way to go as shipping to NZ takes for ever. With all the projects on I'm guessing it will be some time down the track before I have mine complete. So I look forward to how you get on too, Good luck on your Iron Man project, Cheers Jace

BLV mgn Cube - 3d printer
by Blv

Hello, I understand the problem in the model, in both places get holes, I would like you to fix the model to make it perfect

I'm currently working on saving the world from rude and self centered waste of spaces whom dont have a polite bone in there body.
Sure I'll get right on it!

Hi mate,nice work,i'm newbie at 3d printing.with the split stl is better how to stick together then?

Not sure of your question, are you saying if you split the stl up how arei you beat to stick the model together. Glue?

Thanks Miguel, Cheers Jace : )

Scout trooper please..

Mijie, ok buddy, there are quite a few here on Thingyverse already, but I'll see what I can slap together ; ) CheersJace

you star jace, looks brilliant,,,filament ordered. many thanks

Should be good, I look forward to see your build, Oh and as always, do check the sizing suits your needs ; ) Cheers Jace