Perendev Magnet Motor

by m4dscience May 9, 2014
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what about your tests? Did you reach some improvements? I will begin some from my side...
are you still on it?

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Thạnh Nguyen, from Vietnam.

These Perendeve devices will spin until the alternating magnetic fields eventually demagnetize the magnets and the unit will stop working. As a result they are basically a very expensive and inefficient energy storage device. Several people over the last 10 or 15 years have gone bankrupt trying to "develop" this thing because they don't understand basic physics. If you are going to tinker with this thing at least buy yourself a Gauss meter and measure the strength of the magnets periodically to hopefully learn something about the scientific method in the process.

I know something that will beat this device easily: a big heavy flywheel with low-friction bearings, inside a vacuum chamber. It will spin like forever… almost. Eventually it will still come to a halt, even if one doesn't try to do anything useful with it. The second law of thermodynamics can be such a party pooper!

I have tried this model before Perendev and couldn't get success because 3D printers were not invented yet. And it was really hard for a Maker to do this kind of experiments without having a CNC or a laser.

Actually this idea might work and it is going to work someday soon. I have seen a video that they have already invented a magnet printer! Yes it is a magnet printer that can print different magnetic fields on a single side of the magnet, the even print an image. Watch this insane video below and guess about the opportunities this technology might reveal...


This is a perpetual motion / free energy machine. It will simply never work and all the videos are fakes. I know they don't teach thermodynamics in high school but conservation of energy is still a widely understood concept. Perhaps some people don't realize that it is relevant here.

why isnt this a group? Shouldn't it be something that people can colaborately try to solve?

How do you make a group on thingiverse?

i want to print this one only the magnetic

probably the best example of free energy magnet motors, why? because so many fancy looking parts are used to build something that doesn't work, lol ...... A block of plastic with a magnet stuck in it would work equally as well, but would not be as impressive!

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thanks for uploading all the cad's. THX!!

I hope you will find the sulution. One thout i have had... In industri, to mettall milling machines there are magnetic tabels that with a lever you turn on and of the magnetic force. the lever is not super heavy to flip and the tabels has an awsome pulling force when on, all done with magnets and diffrent metal layers...

free energy? back to school

lol, you for sure....