Bust of Abraham Lincoln

by TheNewHobbyist May 21, 2014
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Any way you can make this file less than 28MB?

I printed this and it came out looking great!.

Printed nice. I gave him some beefy arms and a steering wheel to hold onto. printed in glow in the dark PLA, painted black bits black (hair, beard). He is now the "driver" of my FPV RC truck :)

hi im looking for some one to build dvds case with 3d bust or a symbol on it who can help

I just made one an posted it. Looks real good and I didn't have to use support. My question is about 123D Catch. I tried using it a few months back. I took some photos of my son but it didn't work. I'm wondering, how many photos to you need for a good 3D model? How many photos did you take of Lincoln to get the results we see?

I took 46 images for the Lincoln scan and the detail is pretty nice. Cosmo Wenman (http://www.thingiverse.com/CosmoWenman/designs)http://www.thingiverse.com/Cos... says he goes into the hundreds and his detail level is outstanding. So I guess (depending on how you take them) more can be better in 123D catch. That being said I've had a lot more success scanning static objects like sculptures than I have had scanning people.

Ok, so my 2 dozen photos obviously didn't cut it. More pics, more angles. Makes sense. Now I just need to pick out a local landmark and go to work! While we're on the topic, I could do my own Lincoln scan. This statue is 10 minutes from my house. ; ) https://www.flickr.com/photos/auvet/4601295349/https://www.flickr.com/photos/...

That last picture has to be chocolate right? It looks too delicious not to be.

Sir please stop licking Mr. Lincoln or we'll have to ask you to leave the Hall of Presidents.

Did you have to dust it to cut down on the shinyness?

Hmm not sure if this is a dusty library joke... But no I didn't do any pre-processing on the bust. 123D did a pretty great job capturing on it's own.

No joke. I've had trouble doing a scan of shiny objects in the past because as you move around them the light changes so the scan can't find the points it's looking for. I've heard, but haven't tried, that having a can of foot powder to dust it and give it a matte finish will create better scans, even with 123D Catch.
But apparently that didn't matter.

yup - this is definitely confirmed. when I've had objects scanned at high end places in the (NYC) they gave it a white powder bath first. Cheers!