by JB86 Dec 5, 2018
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Hello, not wanting too much, can you make available the Marlin code that you used in this project?
It's that Auto Leveling is a bit tricky for me.

Good afternoon. I tried to do the Hepetier-host slicing of the spulenhalter_links_MK2.stl file plus the following error occurs as attached image. Can you help?

Mensage : At least one object is outside the printable area. Abort slicing?

It seems spulenhalter_links_MK2 is too high for your 3D printer (or at least your slicer configuration). The one attached is 3 cm lower. Try that.

Perfect thank you

Good Morning. Great project. I have no experience in scad. Could you tell me where to find the bearing_mount_bottom_z.scad and bearing_mount_top_z.scad pieces on the right?

obs:in the folder there are only those on the left

thank you for your attention

Hi, thank's for your interest. Just flip those for left side in your slicing software or add mirror([1,0,0]) before bearing_mount_top_z(0,0,0,0); in OpenScad.

Thank you very much, very enlightening.

You're welcome :) Feel free to ask...

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Hello, I am in the middle of actively building your printer. So far everything is going great. Thank you for the previous help you gave me with SCAD. I have found SCAD to be very helpful because I was able to modify some of your designs for the 3030 extrusion I have.

I am in the middle of assembling the x and y axis' right now and have been looking over models and videos but have not been able to figure out how you anchored the GT2 timing belts to the bases. If you could provide any pictures or clarification it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, great design.

Hi, I'm glad to here you are building it. Belt is attached to the bases similar as in images below. Feel free to ask..and let me know about your progress...

Thank you,
I printed some clips and wanted to see if that was the way you did it too.Thank you for your help. I will keep you updated and post under makes when complete.

Looking for the Extruder head mount. I followed the link to the "Extruder Head" pages, but I've got the two fan mounts (part cooler that's circular and attaches to a blower, and the extruder cooling fan), what I'm looking for is what they attach to. The piece that surrounds the entire extruder and mounts to the plate and holds the Z Sensor. I've looked through all the files in this posting, and the extruder head posting...but can't find it. Would you be so kind as to point the way? Thanks!

These parts are located in extruder_mount.scad and extruder_lock.scad. In file extruder_lock.scad uncomment line //extruder_lock(0,0,0); (remove //). Render it and export as *.stl for printing. Does this answers your question?

It does...but not a simple, intuitive, solution. Curious why they're locked? Other users may have the same issue. I would never have found it without your comment. I'm not a scad user, so I had to download it, and then figure it out with your guidance. Why not simply include the STL's?

It's intended to be open for possible redesign, corrections and scaling. I plan to prepare all files in *.stl format. In the meantime feel free to ask...

I am just wondering which installation do you use to drive the machine? program and so on....
Thanks in advance.


I use standard Arduino Mega board with ramps shield and Marlin firmware. On PC I use Pronterface for printer control and Slic3er (Prusa edition) for slicing. You can find preconfigured Marlin firmware and Slic3r config for the printer here: http://www.optolab.ftn.uns.ac.rs/index.php/education?id=215

Thank you for your Quick answer. I Will check it. Nice design.
What is the size of the plate in your machine?

Thanks inadvance :)

220x220 mm, but you may scale it to other size.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, I am used to stl files so those are no problem but I am new to OpenSCAD. When I try to open scad files in OpenSCAD and render I get message "No top level geometry to open" just curious what I'm doing wrong.


You should uncomment the line calling (or drawing) specific module (For instance, in x_axis folder, in file x_mount.scad uncomment line x_mount(0,0,0); and then use preview to view module or render it so you can generate stl). Files in root directory (such as all.scad, x_axis.scad, y_axis.sad, extruder_head.scad,...) are not are not intended for rendering but only for viewing so use only preview on these files.

One of these days I will prepare all files in stl format.

Buenos días podría decirme Cuáles son las medidas de la correa del eje z ? Es una correa cerrada ?

Z-axis belt is GT2 closed-loop belt. It is ~760 mm long and 6 mm wide belt. On my printer (in video) I used 3 mm wide belt that I had from some old scanner, but printer is design for 6 mm belt.

Is it possible to post the links to the non-printable parts (rods, belts, etc..)? Controller boards (like the DUET2) and power Supplies (Mean Well) are easy...it's the more obscure parts that can be a challenge.


A pdf with non-printable parts is added. Printer is intended to be scalable, so you may use other dimensions for frame, rods, screws,..

Thank you. I was thinking 400x400 or maybe 500x500mm, as I already have smaller printers.