Insane Ender 3 upgrades

by agniusm Dec 5, 2018
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Duets are very good but only maestro has support for simple screen. You can cancle print and all other controlls over the network. If you want to shut down completely, you can use smart socket and google home etc.

I don't want to put to much into the Ender since I want to build a Voron but very nice setup! I do want to upgrade to Trinamic drivers and am considering the Duet 2 Maestro or SKR v1.3 ... what made you choose the Maestro? I do want to put a LED light on mine and think it's cool you can control it but really want to be able to remotely shut the printer off when I'm in bed; however, I believe I'd need to wire relays ... is it the same for the LED?

Nice work. I have just installed my Maestro, but my config sucks. Can you send a link to your config ? Thank you so much

Do you plan to share your display file set here? You have all the other config files.

Yes. They are like 1usd

Do you have a better description on connecting the Ender display to Maestro?

You need to cut slots on exp1 and exp2 on lcd to insert cables reversed

My Ender has a single ribbon connector on the CPU board, and as far as I recall, a single ribbon. So I need to acquire a second cable?

Yes, they cost 1usd on ebay. Its for encoder.

Actually, without the second cable you get a blank screen. I did anyway. Instead of modifying the male end I would think removing the protrusion from the $1 cable would be better. Any idea why it's reversed in the first place? After all it's the same display model number. Isn't it an off the shelf part that Creality just used? Who is backwards, Duet or Creality?

Creality. Have you enabled lcd in config.g? It should work with one cable without encoder.

Thanks, I found a thread on the Duet forum that you may be in on. And no, I have not added the command yet. I do have the latest Maestro firmware DC suggests at least. It seems there are questions as to what is actually needed to to fully support the display with encoder. DC will likely put this in the WiKi once it's fully sorted. Thanks for the help. My cables will be here Tuesday.

Its fully supported. You can make a cable from one that you have but this require to crimp connectors. I have pinouts on duet forum. This would need to be connected to exp3. If you have 2 cables then they connect normal on duet and reversed on ender lcd to exp1 and exp2.
I dont get it, what else do you need? Its working

Here: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/7609/configuring-12864-lcd-on-maestro/32, made last post. If you cant follow it, probably no one can help you ;)

Thanks, like I said the cables wont be here until Tuesday. I dissected the stock cable to reverse the pins as I have done many times in the past. But the retaining clip broke (of course). I must be losing my touch. The cable works, and now I know I need a command to enable the display I could get that working. But I'll just wait for the new cables.