Baby Groot in Carbonite

by CorvettePhil Dec 5, 2018
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I'm getting so sick of all the groot designs, he's not even that cool

printed this out with no supports and looks fine. the left hand and all control boxes printed good with no sagging. Something of note, my left side bottom control panel has only two "controls" on it, all the other boxes look like the pics, but the one is almost blank...all those super fine details that are in the renders are not on my print, not a huge deal. I don't know if you are supposed to glue the part into the stand, but it is a tad loose to just set it in there. Also there are a lot of artifacts on the top part, it is not smooth like the print in the pics. I looked at the print in cura and going through the layers there is an extra layer of stuff, on there, so it was nice and smooth but then when over it and randomly put stuff on there. Maybe it is supposed to be like that, I don't know. But all in all a good print. I might reprint the top in a finer detail but it looks pretty good, although I printed it in black so it is hard to see. I might also reprint in a different color. But laying all parts down flat work for me on my CR10s.

Any chance of getting the side details as their own file? they dont print correctly. looks like the people that have printed had issues too

yeah its so weird one side printed pretty well but the other side was junk. i printed the groot at 30 degree didn't turn out as well as i hoped ill redo it at a 45

"I can't believe Groot owed money to Jabba too" - my daughter.

Great idea!
But I think I will remix it into a back cover for my cell phone. Reduce the heigth by 50%, it would give me a good grip... :-)