Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fallout 76 T-51 Helmet

by Jace1969 Dec 5, 2018
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hello! helmet is already scaled? or need some adjustment? thank you!

No sorry, needs scaling!

you sure? i make measures now and it looks good.

Have someone original fallout 76 helmet dimensions to compare? thx.

Well I did guess it to be about the right size. But I just wanted every one to be sure before ther started to print it ; )

I made the T-45 that lilygreen posted awhile ago on minifactory, I didnt know that had gotten taken down I wonder why ):

Bethseda games release of Fallout 76 has this model at the forefront of the game. So I'm assuming they perhaps had it pulled : )

Awesome fun but I really wish this was broken down into individual stl files

It's just one of those every day functions that every 3D Printer owner should be able to do as second nature.
(Select "Ungroup" then Select All, shift right click piece to un highlight invidual component, delete the rest, rotate/ settle and or slice into further pieces, save individual file, send to Print, done )
Repeat the process on the next part. I cant imagine another programme that makes it any easier than that - > "Windows 3DBuilder "
For me as a hobbist it is a laborious job that dosent spin my wheels, hence why I just generate the models. I'll get there eventually ; )
Cheers Jace

Understable and yep. ; ) I do need to get meshmixer or whatever splitter works for most and try that.

Check out my video I provided for some one on how to cut up or seperate files https://youtu.be/KCIB8_Bq7Tc
No sound sorry! but it should give you a visual on the easy process using the Windows 10 free inbuilt 3Dbuilder programme,
I use it for almost everything I upload here : ) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3077839
Cheers Jace

Madalorian Concept Helmet "Beskvinn" by Red Star

Thanks! I've got it broken down now into individual files.

awesome, that's a great start, so glad to hear its working for you, are you enjoying 3Dbuilder or did you find one of the many other programs to do it? Cheers Jace

HAHAH,, takes care of 2019 pappa point with the boy..

Nice : ) I look foward to your build progress, cheers Jace

it looks so nice i just want to touch it

Glad it invokes such a response ; ) cheers Jace

Great job mate you beat me to it ;)

Nice, so its one of your favorite models from the game too : )

I'm sorry to say the game was crap but the helmet looks wicked ;)

Havent played it myself so i'll put that on the do not bother to play shelf ; ) Yes the Helmets from the game do look cool : )

don't listen to the negatives, i almost didn't grab Fallout76 but i am glad i did.

they changed a lot but honestly i love it just as much as 3, new Vegas and 4. so that's my 2 cents