Customizable Magnetic Screw Tray/Box (with optional lid)

by rainers Dec 6, 2018
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How do the fonts work? No matter what I change it to, the style of the text doesn't change. What am I doing wrong?

i assume you are using this locally on your pc in openscad...
you need to download the google web fonts and place them in your openscad folder
i download the full set from here: https://github.com/google/fonts/
everything that was in the "ofl" folder from that download i then copied to C:\Program Files\OpenSCAD\fonts
(i end up having a separate folder per font under openscad\fonts)
then restart openscad and it should work

Nice idea!

Customizer projects which are licensed to disallow derivatives always confuse me. Isn't that the point of customizer?

Truly phenomenal. I saw your post on Reddit and after the upvotes there, had to come on here and say something as well. I just had a handful of screws from a partially dismantled Tornado that could've used this. I just finished putting it back together (bad thermistor) and this will be the first print. Incredibly, a new supply of tiny magnets came in the mail from Aliexpress just 2 days ago. The stars are aligned!

thanks for the great feedback!
would be great if you could post a make of the finished box when done!

I used it heavily today and should've taken a picture. Unfortunately the quality of my print doesn't do your designjustice. I'm trying to tune my slicer settings but will endeavor to post a make once it looks a bit nicer.

What a great design! I have one ask: Can you add an option to make this stackable?

Hi NetMagi,
Thanks for the feedback!
i've been thinking about making it stackable already...
My first idea was to add a cutout to the bottom that would fit over a notched lid style box. the problem with this is that it would make it a requirement to print the whole box with support, so i abandoned that idea.
Another option would be to add magnet holes to the bottom of the box that would align with the lid magnet holes on the top. This way it would allow to "snap the box on top of each other, but side forces could easily make the connection loose, as it would only be the magnet force to connect them. no additional mechanical stability like with the notched lid.
a solution could be to add some positive material inside of the top magnet hole instead of the magnets....
i will play around with the ideas...any suggestions are welcome..

i think i found a good way....
already working on it ;-)

Any ETA on the stacking functionality? What you've done is awesome, and I'm not asking you to hurry, just curious. I was holding off on printing 4 of these in hope of the stack ability to avoid re-printing. If it's a ways out, no problem, just wanted to know.

just published it...

Thanks so much! Customizing a bunch now, and will let you know how it works out and post pics once they're all done.

Was just about to reply with some suggestions, but looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I was thinking of either adding the option of a raised lip at the top with a chamfer and matching chamfer relief on the bottom edge, or adding an option to make matching magnet holes in the bottom at the corners, and printing separate plastic plugs that would tap in with an interference fit, and align with the bottom of the next container.

I customized one for me using OpenScad, but The Text on the lid is missing. I Set the Option for the lid Text, but no Text appears.
The other Parameters looks fine. Perfect work, thx

Hi Dagobert, can you pls send me the parameters you used when creating the thing, then i will check.
Parameters should be in the description of your customized thing
edit. if done in openscad, pls contact me via PM and we can check together... ( exchange email so that you can send me a screenshot of your parameters)

i got the details from dagobert_ch and it has been fixed in version 2.3a

yes, Prusament Galaxy Black.. i love that stuff :D

Whats that black-ish filament? i need to know!!! (looks like vertigo galaxy byut grey sparkles, maybe a prusament?)

Started printing with PETG. Really nice design and extremely usefull! Thanks a lot!

would be great if you could share your make!

Great Idea. I am always looking for cool magnet prints :)
Warning: If metal parts sit in this tray for a while they probably become partially magnetized.

Clever idea, this will definitely be useful!

Thx, thats what i thought as well ;-)
couldn't find one so i made one.