MOM Gimbal - Print In Place

by DesignMakeTeach May 10, 2014
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i cant get this to save on my computer so i can run it through the slicer. was this taken down or to many people downloading or?????? wanting to get it for my mom for mothers day coming up.

Had the same problem; thought I was crazy. Instead of the blue "download all files button" click on the Thing files (two stops to the left the comments button) and click on the STL file. It WILL download then.

Yeah, a friend told me how to do that so your not downloading all the files an you can just get the ones you need. Itz all a learning process.

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You probably have some problem with your computer or you are looking in the wrong download folder it downloaded and printed fine for me.

Thanks for the cool design, I made one and I couldn't stop playing with it! It was a smooth print and works perfectly

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I have just made one of these. I only have a Micro M3D and no experience. But I thought even solid its a nice print.
Well by being careful, very careful, it actually works properly.
Both centre cirles spin. Amazing. I cant believe it.

My mom's birthday was last night and she loved it! I'm glad it worked!

Works great. Good work! Mom loved it.

The great thing about this is that it also works as "WOW".

Just got our 3D printer a few days ago. My son printed this for my wife. Came out excellent! Thanks for making it! It impressed her.

printed multiple times with different settings and speeds, but the 2 inner rings keep falling out. waste of fillament so far.

Print in place designs often require designers to set gaps & tolerances for a specific tested machines or to create a parametric design that can be customized. You can customize this design in Tinkercad https://www.tinkercad.com/things/dThFB8gxH97 . Make the inner rings slightly larger to match your machine tolerances. An easier option might be to tell your slicer that the filament diameter is smaller than the value that you normally use. This will cause slightly larger extrusion that may assist in closing the gap. I also notice that you report using a delta style machine. The number of mades for this design lead me to think that it works well for most cartesian printers but your delta printer may need different tolerances.
Design also assumes you are using filament with the rigidity of PLA/ABS. Flexible filaments may behave differently. Also assuming that the cones on the sides of the ring are fully formed and aren't being truncated for some reason. Another user reports using netfabb helped resolve a slicing issue.

Holy moly. The design is perfect. It works so well right out of the print. It is not too loose or too tight, there is no rattling or anything. What kind of technique/measurements/guidelines did you use for that?

I printed lots of copies using Bluebie's original gimbal design. I pulled the design into TInkercad and made lots of adjustments to work with my printer. I found that the amount of compression was different between different diameter rings so had to make adjustments to the gaps for the perfect print.

Made two, one for my mom and one for my wife. Printed amazing with no raft or anything. Also printed the stand that KeeleyTechLab contributed. 3DP sharing community is just awesome!! Thank you for sharing and caring!!!

Great. Thanks for letting me know. Hope they love it.

How long does the design take to print, on average, I know different machines might change that. I'm looking for a design that's fun / cool like this one, but that can be completed during the length of a class— 45 to 60 minutes.

Great design, printed perfectly.

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

a heart on the front or in the middle of the gimbal would be a nice addition. I will try it

Great to see the remixes. That was my goal with the gimbal projects it to show students how to remix and customize open source designs.

Looks great. I'm sure the person you designed it for will love it.

Turned out phenominal, very good design!

Thanks AngryPancreus. Happy to be featured today!

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Excuse me, I want to know do you use Raft/Support to print or not ?

No Raft/Support is needed.