intensewalkera h copter 10mm v2.2 outdated please see version 5

by intensewalkera, published

intensewalkera h copter 10mm v2.2 outdated please see version 5 by intensewalkera Oct 18, 2012


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this is now outdated please see version 5

intensewalkera h copter 10mm v2
radio controlled
very much a V2 prototype, lots to add and tweak. its end game is for it to be a FPV h-copter.
i thought id upload it anyway so youtube can reference this and thingiverse reference the youtube build.
as i edit things, i will ensure only the latest files are available to D/L
i have already altered them a fair bit, based on my own experiences in building it.
uploading it gives others a chance to add their bits and pieces to it and hopefully develop it alot faster


New revisions done v2.2
new motor mount design and drill template to suit a dt750 hextronik motor specifically,
due to the previous one not being an exact fit. use washers and locknuts when attaching anything to the pla, added clearances to suit no recessed bolts.

New revisions done v2.1
revised battery tray added, allows for a standard 45mm centres controller board to be added, in either diagonal or parallel orientation. 100mm long. just to give the hcopter a top cover of sorts. also allows wires from esc to pass through.

print out all the parts and follow my build along guide on youtube.
print the motor mounts @ 100%
print the rest at about 35%

main build list
printed PLA ultimaker parts
Hextronik dt750 motors
25/30a esc with bec (bec makes it easier to configure)
10x10x1mm wt aluminium SHS (see below for lengths)
2x450 Lg for the motor mounts (400 Lg if you use the PLA motor mounts)
2x405 Lg for the vertical body parts
flight controller (i use the DJI Naza, expensive but excellent)
receiver - Number of channels depends on your choice of flight controller
transmitter - choice is endless
Lipo battery pack - i use a 3 cell 5000mah (slightly too big and heavy, but it works)
any questions on parts - let me know
very much a prototype.
i am currently updating my youtube channel with the build along videos. see below links

see also my build of the 12mm version that is already flying.
http://youtu.be/FBC-_da_Ouw (flying video)

Good luck, happy building.

part One http://youtu.be/dqfytvaih7Q
part Two http://youtu.be/fmkqBXoWLpk
part Three http://youtu.be/LDpLas81opk
part Four http://youtu.be/4MUHTG4rHLY
part Five http://youtu.be/TVFiv-4V1e0
part Six http://youtu.be/YynOU_Xmvbc
part Seven http://youtu.be/Sw6BV9lq3xs (test flying video)
http://youtu.be/9pEdYtSSs6Q flying video
http://youtu.be/a9RgYFOY9Y8 flying video

the stl files will differ slightly to my build video, due to the fact i have updated them as needed, i also added a gopro specific mount on the latter files. lots more updates to come, as and when time and testing allows. :-)

things to do- LOTS

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Dear intensewalkera,

I already flight a long time with the H-Copter Frame 10mm, but last time my copter broke and I want to print new parts. But I couldn`t find the files and here the downloads are also not available.
But the H-copter was to greate, do you have any posibility to send me the download files?

Hi, warum sind da keine Dateien zum download?
cu HD

any updates on this copter?
Do you habe NTM motor mounts from v3 for 10mm booms?

Yes this one is fairly out of date now, give me a few days and I will convert my latest unpublished v4 to a 10 mm version, it may be uploaded in bits and pieces as I revise the parts, but it will all be there. Do you use a gopro onboard? Can you measure the ntm motor mount holes on the larger pitch. I need the two dims on the diagonal, just to confirm the mount template, I can then cross check that with the ntm mounts I use

Hi, I use a GoPro but I want to print out one off jello free designs and integrate it.
This is the motor http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16229__ntm_prop_drive_series_28_30a_750kv_140w.htmlhttp://www.hobbyking.com/hobby..., holes on 16 and 19mm.

It would be great if you could downsize the length of the front and back plate to 18cm and make the middle part a bit bigger so it's easier to print for people who don't have a perfect 20x20cm build bed.

Don`t worry about the sizes, its a different layout now. its broken down in to smaller sizes to make repairs easier.

i no longer use the suspended GoPro mount, even though it is very effective. i now use 6 of these parts
which are integrated into the frame. So if you can source those, you can make use of my better dampening
system. they are a silly price but they should be durable and can be used on other frames at a later date, thats my theory. if you want the bracket for the old style suspended gopro mount, let me know.

Are you using wood or aluminium, either way try get an accurate size of the boom used IE micrometer. Wood can be sanded a little, but the more accurate you are, the better tolerance i can give you.

That's great news about the sizes. In case of need I'd rotate it 90° to print the length in x axis direction, that worked for the gopro mount. To be flexible with newer or older version I thought it would be best to print this file option_base_mount_v1.1 from your gopro anti jello mount so I can decide later what to use.
Another option would be to have a optional flat platform file for the front part.

I have 10mm carbon laying around, maybe I'm using this or aluminium. No wood for me, hate it.

ok, ive just looked at my v4 12mm version files (still work in progress) and they will take a bit of work to give you a hybrid 10mm version. so things i need from you so i dont have to keep reworking the files.

  1. a very accurate measurement of the carbon or shs tubes you have. (crucial for the tight fit) -
    i will mod a motor mount first, then you can trial fit this on your booms and see how it fits- saves on printing big pieces, only to discover the fit up is bad.
  2. whats your flight controller, mine is optimised more for the naza. ie the hcopter depth. if u have something smaller like a kk2 board, then i can reduce the height and provide a hole pattern for the board.
  3. this never version is shorter than previous version and is based on a 4s battery and 9 inch props.
  4. measure the battery size, so i can optimise the battery support to suit your setup, i run fairly large battery sizes which dont suit alot of people.
  5. the front end will be reworked to suit the older gopro mount, its not a perfect solution, but it will be effective for a first build.

let me know the above and i wil be able to drip feed you parts over the week. yours will be a bit of a frankenstein
hcopter, but it shouldnt effect the flying and as i mod my 12 mm version up i will try keep the 10 mm version updated too if needed

Good luck


  1. My carbon booms are 10.18mm +- 0.05mm
  2. I'm not sure which flight controller to use. Can you make standard sizes for KK and or MWC boards?
    If you don't want to adept it I can drill the holes myself, no problem there.
  3. 4s but I want to use at least 10" maybe 11" props, could that work with a GoPro mount regarding space?
  4. You could make a plain version for all kinds of mounts, holes are drilled very fast :)

Frankenstein :)

ok, ive added the drill template (ntm 10.4mm template) print that out and check how it fits on your carbon boom
and let me know. it should be a snug fit or close . :-| it will save me a lot of time if you opt for drilling and modding a bit. if you like how it all goes we can tweak things a little bit to suit your layout more, when i have more time.
its a case of getting it in the air first and take it from there, there is lots of room on the top deck so you can just mount the board on there as a temp measure, it will let me mod the files up much faster.

Hi, I am ready for your latest update (0.5"x0.5" version). I now have the bandwidth to specialize my h-quad since I resolved my no-fly issue to the 2S 5000mah battery I was using. After switching to a 3S 1500mah battery, it zooms into the air with no effort.

Please post the STL files with imperial (inches) measurements for aluminum rods.

The info is in the comments, just divide my mm by 25.4 to get inches, most tape measure have both metric and imperial on. Good luck.

Hi, the problem is that I can not find 10mm square aluminum tubing in the US. I am trying hard to find 1/2" square tubing, but the most common ones seem to be 3/4" and 1" tubing.

I can alter the stl files, to suit your size of aluminium shs , decide on a size, buy it, then get an accurate measurement from it, ie, micrometer, I found my 12mm bar was closer to 13 mm, so it's important to get the actual measurement. I am building a new one myself and I will be using newer design stl files, so if you let me know your SHS size, I can do two versions ,during next week.

Thank you for the offer to create a newer design for those of us in the USA. I found that 3/4"x3/4"x1/16" square aluminum tube, and 3/8"x1/16" U shaped aluminum bars are the smallest available options in Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware and other hardware stores in USA. I found square Balsa wood in Michaels (1/4"x1/4") and HobbyTownUSA (will find out the sizes). If using balsa wood, it would probably have to be doubled up (glued) for additional strength as I could easily crush it in my fingers. I read elsewhere that aluminum transmits vibrations unlike balsa wood. Please choose the appropriate option for your new design based on your previous build experience. I will be happy with either choice.

Anxiously waiting for the new models to print.

i need to know the Exact size of bar you are going to use. square / symmetrical is preferred for me. i am printing my V3 off now. i still have bits and pieces to add, but i will work out the design as i go along, its more design to integrate my fpv stuff, dji naza, receiver, battery mount etc. but the main body and motor mounts are sorted out.

If you can share the printable parts for 3/4"x3/4"x1/16" square aluminum rods, that will be great. I decided against Balsa wood to avoid easily breakable arms.

the V3 its worth waiting for, i am building mine this week, its just slow going on the printing side, for the main parts. i also have a nice gopro vibration dampening system, that works really well, so i am trying to incorporate as much as i can in this version, so its taking time printing, fitting and then seeing where i can improve it.

its going to take longer than i first thought to mod the design files, the difference between your 19mm and my initial 12mm aluminium means i have to remodel it all. let me sort my new v3 version out first, i need something to get in the air, then next week i will redraw a version out to suit 19.05 mm

What should be the target discharge rate of the lipo battery?

my battery is rated at 5000mah (too big really - look for 4000 mah abt) which works and 40-50c, i always go larger than i need, then if anything fails, it means i can rule out key items quickly. 30c should be fine.

In your opinion, do you think 3/4"x3/4"x1/16" aluminum tube is too heavy for the h-quad? I purchased the same motors and esc you recommended.

i was looking at the conversion of the files to suit you 3/4 19mm shs and even though it would work and fly, it just seems overkill. the H-copter will still fly ok but when you consider my 10mm version was certainly strong enough, though it needed some torsion canstraint added. like you i am restricted in availability of sizes, but i would be happy to make a 10mm or a 13mm version. if you use your 19mm shs then it wil have a profile that is closer to one inch / 25mm which seems excessive. thats the problem with me modifying the model files to suit 19mm, its not just a case of stretching them a few mm to get the mm to get them to work, it requires more thought on the layout. it maybe worth while looking into using a smaller profile wood, the danger being its durability. what flight controller are you looking at using, i just ordered a couple of kk2`s to try out. i am also looking to make a t-copter and a tricopter using a similar build design to my h-copter.. let me know on the choice of frame size, so i can model one that will work for you.

I purchased a ArduPilot APM 2.5 for this h-quad

I like your idea. If you can design the models for 13mm square aluminum tubing, I can get the 1/2" square tube somehow, and then add padding to reduce vibrations to make up for the extra space. Do you think this is a workable idea?

i can easy-ish alter the files for a half inch version, if its only a couple of mm difference, then i dont have to redo the design model. let me know your email and i will email you the stl files, i will send the motor mount drill template first for you to print and trial fit, so you can tell me if its tolerances work with your size shs aluminium and then i will adjust to suit for the rest of the pieces. its the smallest part and you can print it at low infil to save on wasted print time and material on the larger pieces. i will send the trial fit part modelled to suit an exact 1/2 square. are you looking to install the ArduPilot APM 2.5 inside the hcopter (like my naza) or install it on the top platform? it maybe a case of getting the main of it made and then see how it all lays out and then we can look at knocking up a bespoke centre top piece. do you want the front gopro camera mount left on, ie do you have a gopro? do you intend to add fpv equipment, if not i can remove the rear ends fpv interface too, it will save on weight and more importantly print time. let me know.also let me know your exact battery size HxWxD so i can do you a battery holder to suit. also are you printing on an ultimaker? if not i need to know the max size of your print bed.

Thank you for patience. I am still trying to find any metric sizes or a smaller (than 3/4"sq) SAE AL tubing of 400mm length. Though this is my first quadcopter, I plan to slowly upgrade it to FPV. I do not have a GoPro yet, but I intend to get one soon. My email is peddiparth at yahoo. I will provide you with the actual dimensions of the tubing shortly.

no worries on the time, it will give me a chance to test a few more modifications out, it will be interesting to see how you do. i will leave all the fpv and gopro interfaces on for your use at a later date, they are a bit of a caveman design, but they work for now, i will comeback to tidying a number of things up on the design. i need to adjust the motor mounts to suit the dt750 motors a bit better, for location purposes for you. i am currently trying out some ntm motors on mine, so i am awaiting a few bits and pieces to get it back in the air for some serious fpv flights. just message me the tube size you go with, so i can get your parts drawn out so you can crack on with the your build.

I have decided to abandon looking for aluminum tubes and plan to go with 1/2"x1/2" Bass wood rods for my h-quad. I have bought about 5x2' rods and they average about 12.7mm width measurement. Could you send me the dt750 motor mounts for this size so I can print it out and test it with the Bass wood rods? peddiparth at yahoo. I am thinking of using thru holes in the rods to ziptie it in place to the frame. that way if the rod breaks, I can easily replace it with another inexpensive Bass wood rod. Let me know what you think.

ive seen alot of people have success with the zipties, so that should work fine and provides a bit of crash proofing, i had considered a version that uses zipties to hold the al / wood in place, splitting them in half so they retract on frontal impacts. something for the future.
i will be interested to see how the wood works. i have a 10mm carbon rod version in the pipeline, but 10mm seems too small, for when you drill it. Files sent.

Btw, I got the 1/2"x1/2" Bass wood rods from the local Hobbytown USA store. I could not find it in Marshalls.

Please post imperial versions of the STL files.

Hi, this is a great idea. I plan to build my H-quad next. Which propellers do you use with your h-quad?

I have been using gemfan props, I have recently changed to graupner 11x5 props

Nice idea, to not always have the fan blades in the movie :-)

Nice work!  I haven't gotten to building an H copter yet, but I certainly want to!

great.. waiting for your progress :)