Retro Alarm Clock Stand for the Google Home Mini

by Yelt Dec 7, 2018
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Having issues inserting the Google Home into the clock, even after reading the tips below about inserting at an angle. My printer is calibrated with a calibration cube, but can you post the size the hole was designed, just to check if my dimensions are accurate?

Im a bit afraid I will damage the Home Mini by inserting it, it's so tight..

Sorry for my first comment
I am really a donkey, the scale was not 100%

The round stand to receive the google home mini is far too big
My google home mini is 98 mm in diameter

Little tip: if you don't have the required hardware, just cut the ends off some q-tips they will keep it together quite nicely ;-)

Was looking at the work on Tinkercad and when I try to open the bells I get a message saying the file may be corrupt and it won't open. Any ideas? I'm trying to make sure they print in the proper orientation, and while Simplify3D is busy with the body, I thought I'd use this to view it.

Never Mind!!! It was a corrupt download, twice! Worked great! Thanks!

Comments deleted.

Built it using Ender-3 with Normal extra fine settings modified to "magic number" of 0.08 mm layer height. Used PAL with head temp 200 and bed temp 60. I initially built the bells upside down (i.e., they would "catch water") to avoid building a support structure. That was a mistake and they turned out badly. I then printed them in the orientation given in the STL with a support structure underneath. They looked great. Make sure to print the bells with a really fine layer setting.

The fit is very tight, but if you angle the clock slightly and start inserting it from the bottom, it fits beautifully. It is a little bit of a chore, because of the tight fit, to get the USB connector to go through the hole, but once aligned, it fits perfectly.

The bells definitely need to be printed with really fine settings in order to look good.

I just tipped the designer. Great job!

great comment. Will try it :)

This comment helped me, thank you.

looks great! and now i need only google home mini...

Ând what about the screw???

same question :)

Hey, how did you get the RGB lighting? Or is that just the startup animation thingy?

Thats just on startup, yes

I can't figure out how to put home in this enclosure.. from the bottom by bending those two flaps? from the front at some weird angle?

It is designed to be a good fit while inserting the Google home mini through the front of the clock. Try inserting it at an angle. Insert the home mini at an angle with the bottom of the clock being filled first.

Why not put the cable entrance at the bottom, it's hard to do it? It was a great design anyway. you are good :) God work.

I kinda like it, makes it look like the hammer in between the bells.

Awesome! This is just perfect to disguise my mini in my bedroom... just one thing.... for a newbie like me, how hard will it be to modify the power connector and mute switch holes and place them on the bottom part of the clock?

Wooooah this is AWESOME.

No, you're awesome ;)

hey are you the same guy on r/3dprinting? cool model