Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Family Snowman Ornament (8 options)

by EyePower Dec 7, 2018
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These are great and I have used Tinkercad to do some names.

What are the chances of doing a Snowcat?

I would love to print one for the Mrs (2 Adults and 3 Cats)

Was the snowman a scanned object?

No, Its a snowman I made in thinkercad and then sculpted in sculptgl. Im very new to 3d modeling, but It's what I know how to do. ;)

Could you provide just the snowman? I'd like to remix this if that's ok.

I just added a file for just 1 snowman and the banner. If you remix it, please share. I would love to see. ;)

Thank you. I'm not that great at designing yet but I'll try to make something worth sharing.

Sorry to ask you for this, but it would make my wife super happy if you could create another option for 10. 2 Center Adults (me and wife), three adults on each side, and two little ones in front?

This is great, I second it. Or export and upload just the snowman then I can make a HUGE family?

I just added a file for just 1 snowman and the banner so people can make whatever size family they want. If you do, share a photo! I would love to see when you're done!

Thanks! Will show you the results!

Thanks, and of course! I'm thinking about how to do our family on my wifes side. With 4 sisters and a brother (+family) its 23 people... even in a standard picture it's nearly impossible to get everyone.

I'm sorry to ask if this is a silly question, but How do you add the family names to the bottom?

Some people are just writing them on with a sharpie after. Or you can import it into Tinkercad or any other 3d design program and add names that way. Does that help?

I think so. I'll have to look at tinkercad and see what I can figure out. I didn't want to just write it, I wanted it to be lifted up in 3d like the pictures. Thanks for a direction to start.

Just used Tinkercad for the first time and it was pretty easy to add the text and lower it down onto the model. Thank you again. Great STL.

Yay! I am so glad!

Tinkercad is pretty easy to use. Watch a youtube video if you have questions. But you will just want to import the file, and they have a text tool you can use. ;) Good luck!

Very nice idea. Could you make a three person with "mom" pregnant? There is a forth person on the way :)

YES! I just added it for you! ;)

Do you by any chance have the file for the 7 person one? Thank you so much!

I just uploaded it for you!

thank you sooo much!! that was so quick, happy holidays to you! :)

Happy holidays to you too! ;)

This is awesome! Working on mine now....Can you make a 2 snowman? would like to make one for my son and his wife. Thanks!

I just uploaded one with 2 for you. ;) Post a picture when you're done.

Thank You! I will post it when done! I tinkered a littel bit yesterday and adding names and family could not have been easier! Now I got some more tinkeing to do today! Thanks again!!!

Awesome! Can't wait to see!

Great idea! Do you happen to have fusion files you could post?

I agree with the request, I am just starting ot learn and i have Fusion. Thank you in advance

Sorry, not sure if I can. I just made these in Tinkercad. Im just a newbie at designing things.