Waveshare Game HAT Gamehat Case

by zuendy Dec 7, 2018
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just a question micro USB to HDMI does it work on here?

yes that would be amazing!

constructions video would be cool! (:

You mean a construction manual video?

yes that would be amazing! im a novice so its confusing how to put together

going to build atomic purple one. looks coolest

Hi, just printed this, looks awesome! Question: are the CAD files for this project available? In what program where they made?
If they are no longer available, could you make the part that fits over the buttons without the "GAME HAT" lettering?



Update a clean Button Cover. :)

awesome, thanks! are the CAD files available?

Ok, ich will clean it.

So far i printed the bottom of v1.2 (the version with the square sholder buttons) and seems really thick, the sholder buttons just sit on the case and fall right off with no resistance. and the connector part of the thumb joystick is too big, it also falls off. It seems the metal "stick" thing that you would slide the joystick onto is very thin and skinny like a small sewing needle. I don't know if thats different than the other versions but for me nothing is fitting so far and the case seems too thick, like if the sholder buttons that i printed did fit than there is no room for them to move up and down. Sorry im very bad at explaining things lol. I really want this to work so bad and will keep trying with every remake untill i can get it to work. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Can you please take some pictures? I think I understood it, but with pictures it would be easier to understand.

Hey great Work so far :)
I'am Stuck at the same point. I think he's tyring to tell, that the trigger is 2,4mm wide. The square hole in the button around 3,6mm. So the button just falls off with no "resistance".

Really thx for reply, i will change it.

That was really fast :) Vielen Dank!

Kein Problem. ;)

Comments deleted.

Could you add english translations if you need help reply to the comment (:

Could possibly add holes for USB ports? just wondering? Im thinking about buying it but i have a n64 usb controller that i really like aswell as giving the thing roms.

Good Afternoon

Is the update ready to roll?

Kindest Regards

Alex Nicol

You've said in the 'Think Details' not to bother printing this yet because your'e re-designing.
Is this to add a battery door for the 18650 or something? I'm really wanting to make this but will wait if you're close to being done!
Thanks bro, look forward to hearing from you.

The power switch is redesigned, also the shoulder buttons now more stable, the case will more closed and the upper case has a small revision. In this version i made nothing with the battery. Sorry. Best regards. Give me 2 Days and i will up it. ;)

I just got my Case printed out from your files and love it. Sent it into 3D Hubs and it came out pretty good. Question about the Left and Right Bumpers and the Power Switch pieces down really stay on that well by themselves. Do you have to glue them on for best results so they don't keep coming off? Or should they be staying on without any glue? Mine don't stay on, especially the Power Switch piece.

With my printer I don't glue something. I would press something in, paper/plastic or hot glue could also work.

I love this case design. I just got my Waveshare Game Hat in the mail yesterday. I also just downloaded these files it to print out online from 3D Hubs. It's my first time getting something printed out.

On your instructions you say to print out at 25 for the Infill, but 3d Hubs only has 6 different options on their site to choose from: 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100. Will 20 be okay or will 30 be better to go with?

And I don't see an option to Print any of the objects with supports.

It is not really important what you use, but when you usw more its a little bit more stable.

Okay thank you very much for your help.
One other question. Sorry for bugging you too much. I wanted to edit one of the top covers for the case the one with the letter Debossed (looks like the letters stamped down into the case). Making the letters for the buttons a little bit smaller and just deleting Waveshare off from the top of the case. Is there a free STL program that I can download to do this?

You can upload the STL into Tinkercad and edit it, then redownload. It's a bit clunky but it will work, I've done this to edit STLs before.

Hi, you can't re-edit STL file.
I will be also happy if he will be kind to give us the edit able file (SLDPRT) file.
the thickness of the wall is too thin, so it came out not smooth at all...

Thank you very much for your attention, I am printing version 1.1 right now. Once I have finished it, I will upload the photographs so that I can see the final result. Very grateful for such a quick response.

I love your work and as I have seen it I have put it to print, but I found that my game hat has the power button on the top and not on the side, is located just in the measured TL button and the micro USB port. I greatly appreciated if you could make that modification and also support this other type of version. Congratulations for your great work.

I updated this parts as rev 1.1. Thx for your pictures! Have a nice day.

Do these take an 18650 "flat top" battery or a non flat-top battery? Would it matter if I the battery had a protection circuit?

Thanks for sharing this case, looks awesome!

The Wavehare Game Hat has charge monitoring for under- and overvoltage the battery. Flat top or non flat-top both are compatible. Best regards Patrick