Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by Nicolasfromparis Dec 10, 2018
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Hi Nikolas...

First of all thanks for Sharing ...

But i missing Details from backsite...

where are the Hotend PCB ?

How did. you attach the cable chain?


Why not using a Titan aero ? is a lot more compact no ? (salut le parisien :) )

Salut !
The titan aero hotend is a good hotend but i wanted an upgradable hotend to not use only E3D extruders. I had good prints with the titan but bondtech offers a better extrusion. So i will shortly make a tutorial for the bondtech mod.

Hi Nicolas, I have done most of the mods not needing a firware update, but I am really interested in updgrading mine with an original E3D Titan extruder, but I have no idea how to modify a firmware. I am already running the 12V mod firmware from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2732424/files (V1.1), would your firmware work for the Titan and are the steps/resolution settings correct in it? And keep the 12V mod?

Anycubic I3 Mega 1.1.9 12 Volts Firmware Mod Ultrabase (1.1.0-1.1.XX

Yeah that will work with the 12V mod. If you are not using BL touch please put the Z offset to zero. As the firmware is made for TMC 2208 on all axes you may edit axes directions in the uncompiled firmware if it does not suits you printer.

Dude! I've been searching and reading on how to perform mods (my first printer) and I finally stumbled onto your tutorial. Impressive! I already purchased a Titan Aero but your work will be helpful for BLT and Marlin FW. Thanks!

Thanks. I'm doing some updates. Let me know if you have issues.

Hello, the firmware is compatible with anycubic i3 mega V1 ?

Comments deleted.

The compiled version is made with tmc drivers on all axes and extruder with cables reversed. If you use a different setup use the uncompiled version, there is a tutorial in the folder to edit the custom firmware to reverse you axes.

Yeah it’s for 8 bit trigorilla so v1 is ok

Do you have better results and better print quality than stock configuration after this upgrades ?
Your cable managment arround extruder and hotend looks quite neat. How did you do it ?


This was done before calibration and with no fan on pla filament so the results were ok but they are not as good as they are now i will send new pictures when i come back from vacation.

Sorry for the late answer i’m on vacation :-D yeah much better results i will send pictures when i come back home but walls are clean with no blobs or zits. It’s more precise. It need some tuning to achieve fine results. Make sure the wheel of the extruder turn easely and that you spool is not far away to reduce resistance. Tune the tension on the filament with the extruder knob.

This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

Awesome!!! Thank you

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Thank you very much Nicolas, always 1 or should i say 2 steps ahead?.....from many....

Well explained guide and easy to follow....