Prusa MK3/MK3S Light Bar

by Mr_Tantrum Dec 8, 2018
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Found a 24V light bar very similar to the one that this is designed for at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTPCUNP

I did end up drilling a hole in the mount so I could use the included clips, but otherwise, works great hooked up to my MK3S.


I love this design, they worked really well on my Prusa, easy to print and nice snap fit. Thanks for posting them

I didn't have a lightbar like yours, but I did have a bunch of 24v LED strips laying around so I designed a printable lightbar enclosure to make my own that work with these mounts.

If anyone else wants to build their own lightbar to work with these, I've posted my stl's here:


Prusa Lightbar -- LED Strip enclosure

Glad you like it, and thanks for your contribution to the design with the LED strip housing!

Do you have a design for a light bar in front that doesn't interfere with max Z axis? That's my next project as the rear lights, while great, cast a shadow from the steel bars that I'd like to get removed with a second light bar.

Even though I have extra light bars, I've not taken the time to create a front version as I personally really don't have the need for one (not to mention that I don't think I have room to mount one given my dual adjustable spool holders I use). I've seen some designs before that mike work for you if you search "prusa light bar" or similar here on Thingiverse.

front version that fits your LED bars here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3586652

Prusa MK3 LED front mount for bar light
by SHaFT7

Can you let us know where on the Einsey board you connected up the converter to get the 24v to it?

I stated in my description to use one of the 24v lead pairs on the Einsy board.

A little hard to see in my pic (follow the black wire covering looping at the bottom), but I used the left pair of 24v leads (positive & ground). If you look closely, you can see the ends I put on my light wires secured underneath the wires for the printer. I've built two thus far just like this, and they work flawlessly.

Hope this helps.

can you do a shot of where you mounted the dc converter and how you ran the wiring? looking for inspiration.

There is already one pic in the description, but here is another.

wow, sorry I missed that. I ended up getting the same converter, I like your placement. I wasn't sure if you were going for 2 holes or if one was sufficient. thanks again!

One has proven to be enough. Otherwise you might want to design and print a part that will allow you to mount it differently to two of the existing screw holes. I have an idea on how to do it, just didn't think it was necessary.

Also, after looking at the other pic, I think the new one shows everything more clearly.

Prusa i3 MK3 Bracket for buck DC-DC converter
by SHaFT7

yeah, that helps, I figured that's what you were doing. thanks!

I would love to know if this light bar mod will work with the MMU attached to the unit

I do not have a MMU, but from the images and videos I've seen, I don't think there would be enough clearance. However, if I knew what the clearance needed to be then I would happily design a new light bracket.

Thanks for V2! Elaborating on your response on my make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:599370

1) Thickness- Nice, does look leaner and meaner!

2) Z calibration interference fix: That'll probably do it. I think... Not sure just by eyeballing it, but check out this video of the V1 original to demo the problem some more. Probably copying the prusa mk3 printable spool holder thickness at that point would be a safe bet?

I've filmed a quick video simulating a Z calibration. During a Z calibration, the printer auto homes - goes to 0 x and 0 y, and raises all the way to the top. I've hit reset just before it hits the top and manually raise the Z to the point where the extruder assembly impacts the clip at the back of the extruder. Right before the video ends (I should have recorded longer), you can see the extruder push up the clip.


3) Yes, exactly, a wrap around that secures on.. I see you've added it.

Prusa MK3/MK3S Light Bar

Just finished printing them and they look and work great!

Awesome! I'm right in the middle of printing v2 as we type!

Watched your video & I understand now. I think my redesign should fix everything, but I won't have time to print and fully text for a couple of days. If you get a chance to print before I do, please provide feedback and I will make whatever adjustments are necessary. Your input has been valuable in making this a better model.

hi buddy, please can you tell me the link the the little boxes around the bed ? its very interesting , regards !!!!

Here is my make which will lead you to the original.


Prusa Mk3 Drawer, Tool box, Easy print

Would love to see some makes if anyone is willing to post.