Stormbreaker - Avengers: Infinity War

by Magnavis Dec 8, 2018
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I'm as green as it gets ..

  • How many pieces would you recommend printing at the same time? I'm printing on a Ender 5..

Errr...That's entirely up to you really. The thing you'll need to take into account is time. Some of the parts can take 10+ hours to print, so really, it boils down to how comfortable you are having your printer running for long periods of time.

how much infill for it not to be too weak?

Hi, I printed mine 5-10% and it turned out great.

Can you post a model of the file as a complete object?

Unfortunately not, due to Thingiverse upload size limits.

Is it possible you can make a stormbreaker with a straight handle like in the movie?

Hi - Making a new handle would be a fair amount of work for me, and I don't have the time at the moment, as I'm working on other projects. There is a general consensus that there is a slight curve to the handle, but like many props, it varies greatly throughout. I spent a lot of time trying to make this as movie accurate as possible, and so may make some changes in the future, but for now, I'm leaving it how it is.

That’s fine

I am having trouble finding the handle that goes around the hammer and the axe, what file is it???


I assume you mean the piece that directly wraps around the handle?
Depending on which version of the handle you are printing, (Smaller pieces, or larger pieces) they are as follows:


Or for the Larger handle pieces:

I can't get those files to open in Cura. Do you happen to know why I can't seem to get them to work?

What happens when you try to open them?

Basically it looks like there is just a shadow and no 3D model.

Hmm...that's odd. What printer are you using/print bed size. It could be that the part is too tall for your printer?

It’s a Tornado but even the smaller two files don’t show up. Every other file comes up just fine.

What specific parts are they?
Could you try renaming them to something else, and then open them in Cura? Sounds silly, but solved something similar for me once..

Renaming didn't work. Any other thoughts?

Hmm...Are you using the latest version of Cura?
Do you have Slic3r?

All of the parts open in Cura on my end, and no-one else has mentioned this issue to me, so really not sure what the issue is :/

What I plan on doing once I get home from work is downloading Slic3r and seeing if I can open the files on there. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!!

I recommend the Prusa Edition of it! :)

It’s either the large file for the top or the two smaller ones. I’ll try renaming once I get home and let u know.

Do you think it could be that the file sizes for those pieces are much larger?

It's possible that it could have something to do with it, but It seems to be a local issue to you, so could be a number of things, including hardware, I guess? Have you tried re-downloading the files? Also, do you double click the files to open in Cura, or do you import them in when Cura is already open? (if that makes sense)

I've done both and re-downloaded the files. Not sure.

beautiful print. I'm having trouble printing the Handle 001-003 on my printer. i have a robo r1+ and using matter control. for all 3 parts its saying reduce polygons to render and wont let me print.any suggestions?


I'm not familiar with that Slicer. It sounds like some sort of software thing specific to that slicer. Are you able to use other slicers with that printer, such as Cura or Slic3r? All parts print perfectly using those two slicers :)

I was able to pull it up the model in Cura, but haven't tried to print it yet.

Aslong as Cura slices it, then it should print just fine. Any issues, let me know!

How big is this when it's assembled?

Just over a meter in length

Hi! Great model. I'm currently printing it out at 25%. By pure luck, the rod holes are perfect size for a friction fit of 1.75m filament.

I notice the one piece (StormBreaker-Axe-Head) Head has a bit of a protrusion which does not allow to stand it upright and flat on the build platform for printing in one piece (which is preferred and possible at 25% scale).

I printed all the (large) handle parts separately at 25% scale and currently putting it together, as I was in a rush as I want to get it together before my viewing of the EndGame tomorrow. At 25% even the larger handle pieces especially can be printed in fewer pieces to avoid gluing/seams, but I'm not sure how to "combine" them in a slicer so they all print in longer handle pieces :) .

You can't combine the handle pieces in a slicer. The easiest way to do it is to use Meshmixer, and the combine feature. If you open the handle pieces in Meshmixer, they should all snap into the correct place.

Thanks for the heads up on the little bit that poked out on the axe. I know exactly what bit you're referencing. I did remove it before on the cut pieces, but forgot to do so on the single piece, so thanks for the reminder! :)

Hi - I had absolutely no idea that Meshmixer would correctly and automatically snap into place. Thanks so much for that tip! I thought that at best, I would have to painstainkly maneuver all the pieces into place, rotate, etc.

I've now finished my make of your model. It took 8h print time total at 25% at 0.20 layer heights. It looks excellent as-is, printed in Wood PLA and Silver PLA.

Thank you again for this model - I can see the amount of design effort and work time, and care that went into this as everything fit perfectly on the first try with minimal sanding of the glue joins (which is more of a printer ooze thing, not a model thing)

do you have the STLs of the combined handle pieces using the meshmixer process?

I do, but the file is too big to upload to Thingiverse, otherwise I'd upload it.

Approximately how much filament did you use to print it at full size?

Printing at between 5-10% infill, I used around 2 rolls, maybe a little more. It will vary based on your print settings.

This is one of the most movie accurate prints I've seen so far. Great job!

How are people connecting Part 2 and 3 of the handle as there is no block of peg to fix them together.

Just super glue should work fine for this part. That's what I've used in my build :)

im finding it hard to import the file named

any chance it can be repaired and sent to me.

its one of the last pieces i have to print



Just a heads up - The fixed piece I uploaded did not include the hole for the connection point between this part, and the handle (it's how the handle connects securely. This has now been fixed, and I've re-uploaded the part.

Fixed. No idea how that part broke. it was 74mb for some reason aswell. It's now 64kb lol

Hope everything has printed well!

Sure. What issue are you having with it exactly? Ill upload a fixed file in a sec!

All parts seems to slice fine in Cura and Slic3r.

There is a mesh issue with part handle 001. Ive tried repairing it with simplify 3d however none of the methods were successful

Also there is mesh errors on part handle 002. Both issues are on the "refined" stl file

effektz, Did you ever get the 002 part to slice right in simplify? I am having those same issues.

I'm not sure what the issue is with Simplify, but all parts slice fine in Cura and Slic3r.

I don't either. I just don't have any good profiles for either of those slicers and don't really want to "test" on such a large part. I have some proven profiles in simplify so I would prefer to use that. I have seen simplify do this with parts I have built too so I don't believe its with the drawing, just with the slicing program.

Yeah it's weird. I think it tries to "repair" the mesh, even though there is no need to, or something like that. Another file I uploaded recently seemed to have a similar problem in Simplify, which is baffling for something that costs as much as it does...Simple solution is to use another Slicer unfortunately. Depends what printer you have, but I had good success using the Slic3r Prusa Edition on my Wanhao i3 Plus. I only really tweaked print speeds, temperatures and print bed size, and the default profile worked great.

Thank you so much for your help with this Magnavis.
So I got it figured out in Simplify. If anyone else is having issues, open the model in simplify then go up to the mesh menu and use "Separate Connected Surfaces" and wait for a while as it process it. When its done you will see several models in the Models box but it seems to print correctly. Good Luck to any of y'all out there.

Comments deleted.

What is the final dimension size of the prop? How tall is it suppose to be?

It's around 1 meter in length. Roughly life sized, based on my observations :)

Thanks! I really want to print this as I just completed my 1.5 meter version of Optimus PRIME's Sword of Judgement. Couple things I learned from that project that maybe you can edit here to make it easier to print. Can you hollow out both the hammer head and the axe head? This way a person can save filament but also gives them the ability to add weight into them to give the overall prop a more realistic feel. You could make the walls about 5-10 mm thick. I can do this for you if you can share the Fusion file with me.

Lastly was the axe head supposed to have this angled piece that extends past the bottom of the print? (see attached pic). that piece is causing me to have to print a huge support layer first before the rest of the piece is started. Not that I couldnt do it, rather its just a lot of extra filament going to waste.

Hi, Yes it could be hollowed out. You could just print with zero infill though, and achieve the same result..no? As for the Axe head, yes that piece is supposed to be there. I realised the same thing the other day when I was looking at it. My suggestion for now would be to do a plane cut in MeshMixer, and cut the bit poking out off, and then glue back on once printed. I will make some edits to the file and upload them in the next couple of days.

I'm going to start working on this one soon. I'll, hopefully, have one printed and painted by the end of March for Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, and try to remember to post a make for it.

Very much look forward to it! I'll probably make one myself aswell around that time. Feel free to tweet me progress pics if you have Twitter! :)

I'll definitely be posting it up! I'll be using Silver PETG on the head, with wood PLA for the handle. Going to stain the handle, and prime and airbrush the head. I mostly use my twitter for entering contests at this point, but I might do that too.