by EwanP Jun 2, 2010
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Hey all check out JohnW359's work in Instructables. He goes into much more detail than I did. The astrolabe generator tool is the way to go. I just enjoyed working in Corel at the time I made this.


Hey! Great post! Unfortunately I could not find the front face of the astrolabe in the files. The main part that you see inside the yellow part that has ellipses and curves.(I am sorry, I don't know the proper name.) Would be very happy if you could post that file too!

Eli, you can find the front face in the cdr file. Corel is my preferred tool. Problem is that as I live in Lima Peru its for that latitude ie 12 degrees south. Depending on your location you have to alter the 'curves'. Have a look at the program I mentioned in earlier posts and you will get an idea of what I mean. Ive just uploaded the front face for 12 degrees South. Check the program and enter the coordinates of your location and you will see what the face should look like. There must be a way of importing the files to Corel, I just did it the slow way by drawing directly onto an image.

Make this into .STL Files please so it can be printed.

Just found a useful online tool called the Astrolabe Generator. Thanks to Richard Wymark for this would have saved me a lot of work in Corel but then I wouldnt have had so much fun drawing it. Doesnt have a southern Hemisphere option but I could just reverse the numbers. Outputs eps files which can be imported and edited in Corel.


Thanks EwanP - I need to gen up a little on the theory but Im definitely glad you uploaded the SVGs - I can see what I was missing on the iConv process. Good stuff! :) Thanks again and I'll let you know how I get on.

Hope the svg files work for you Ben. Corel makes it so easy to draw the time and degree lines using the transform tool. By the way the mater equatorial lines are set for 12 degrees because I happen to live 12 degrees south of the equator. You might like to leave them out or change them for your latitude. As you know you can create different plates for different latitudes. I used a sheet of acetate and printed the star chart onto it. Using the software I mentioned above to give me the positions.

Just uploaded SVG files for the faces, rete and rule.Llet me know how they work out. Sorry to give you headaches, but this was really a work in progress. I originally started it to combine my interest in Astronomy and practice with Corel as well as using my laser cutter at work. I use Corel a lot with the laser cutter. Of course I forgot to do a convert to curves for the text, hopefully th svg sorts this. Not sure how the scaling will work out though. Have you tried making a Gunter Quadrant yet?

Hey, np! Thanks a lot for these! I'll check them out. I needed practice reworking these anyway as I'll be moving on to modelling my own you see. Yes, we do go with what we know so if Corel is the thing. Our laser cutter is not so good and requires a lot of fiddling to get right annoyingly.

Check this out. I've begun the project I have to recreate a virtual, working version.

Sure thanks! Here is my result!


I have converted but I dont get the text. I think I'll need to do more work on this but so far, Im quite pleased

Hey Ben, on holiday at the moment so I dont have acces to the Corel files. I can export them as svg files using Corel. When I get back Ill upload them. Or you could ask someone who has Corel!

Keep me informed how you get on.

Hi there. Im thnking of having a go at this. Do you have a version in SVG at all? I've tried to convert this and although it looks pretty good, I dont have the text or figures.