Warp Core Table Lamp

by ThePlanetMike, published

Warp Core Table Lamp by ThePlanetMike May 10, 2014


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I carefully modeled the Warp Core Table Lamp from HD screen captures of the Warp Core on Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was designed to print in modular pieces without support. Print your Warp Core Table Lamp to be as tall as you'd like! This lamp adds a hypnotic sci-fi touch to any room. Geordi would love it.

See a video of the Warp Core Table Lamp pulsing away on YouTube: http://youtu.be/78uyXZ--UQI

There's plenty of room inside to get creative with how you light it, but no need for fancy electronics. I used these cheap blue icicle lights to get the desired pulsing effect, available on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2HfJ17Q

See "instructions" for printing and assembly tips.

Update 1/28/16
I've uploaded some support pieces to help prevent warp core breaches. When your warp core gets old and fragile from too much tinkering, these pieces can help keep it all together. There is no need to use them or print them if your prints come out good and your warp core is stable, but they're there if you need them. (They are aftermarket, and non-cannon.) I've also added some pieces to help support the interior lights along with a photo of how those work. To get that cool white glow through the middle, try a string of these white LEDs: http://amzn.to/2CiERIw


Print Dilithium Plug, Lights, and MARC Lights (x2) with a translucent plastic. I used white with blue lights inside to be as screen accurate as possible.

DO NOT FORCE LIGHTS INTO SUPPORTS! It will break the very delicate support beams. Instead, bend the ring part of the supports along the thin break in the ring to open the support beams like a flower opening its petals. You can then drop in the lights easily.

Parts rest on top of each other to build the warp "stack". For added strength you might choose to glue them together, but it is nice to be able to take it all apart easily to adjust the lighting inside. Align the supports as pictured, noting where thick and thin supports go.

Scaling: You may want to scale these parts for your printer. The base is the biggest piece with a diameter of nearly 14cm. Keep that in mind as you decide how to scale it.

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How often i need the warp core light02 ? 3x?

Any plans to create a higher resolution version? I know of the remix by Novel_Mutations, but his version is smaller and seems to use a totally different lighting system. I really like the simplicity of your version.

You should be able to scale mine up to the same size as theplanetmike's and then use his lighting. The only thing that you would have to solve would be the long rods of which I used metal 3mm rods. You could use some larger metal tubing, wooden dowels, printed rods, etc.


it's a wonderfull modell and I#m printing it right now.
But one question:
I'm not quite sure where the following parts belong.
WarpPostRing02 and WarpBasePostSplint01
How many of these parts do I need and where do they belong to?

Thanks a lot.

You don't need these parts. They're provided to help support or reinforce wobbly or broken vertical supports. Mine broke after awhile and this was my solution. Just print and place as needed.

if you scale this for your printer, wont that make it hard to fit the lights?

Yes. You would need a different lighting solution.

The link to the center string lights is broken, anyone have a good link?

Try this link for 30cm 8 Tube 144 Leds Shower Meteor Rain Light Tube for Wedding Party Christmas Xmas Decoration 5w Lights Waterproof (blue): http://amzn.to/2EoW60G

I updated the link in the description with this as well.

I just bought those lights but I’m a bit dissapointed. The tubes light randomly so it’s not gonna give the same effect as in your video. I was also hoping for a way to adjust the speed but nada. Do you know any other options?

Really, they blink randomly? Or are you saying that they don't cascade in unison? Mine don't cascade in unison either. When I first turn it on they all cascade together, but then they do quickly get out of sync. It's not a perfect, cannon solution; it's an approximation at a cheap price and low skill burden.

Absolutely true. Considering the low cost and the fact you don’t need all the electrical knowledge that some of the elaborate models do...it is a nice compromise. I’ve also noticed a lot of people asking about assembly details and how many of what to print etc. I watched a lot of videos and studied various versions just to realize it’s not very difficult if you simply have the information. I’ve been doing a detailed document as I’ve been building mine. When I’m done I’ll post All the info in a comment or something just to add a layer of clarification since I see a lot of people asking the same stuff. Also I want to thank you for your amazing work! Can’t thank you and others who spend all the time on these amazing models for the community!

How many of the lights are needed? Is it just one group of the 8 that's needed or 2? Thanks

What infill should I use for the light tubes?

I think I went with 10% or 25%.

If you don't mind a bit of self-promotion, I 3D printed one of these over at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Lv4nAsRjtY

Don't mind at all! Looks like it turned out great.

Those thin posts come out a little funky for me too. I think they wiggle a little as the thin filament pulls them around while getting deposited. It would be better if the connection point for them were bigger and stronger, but I opted to keep it as close to cannon design as possible.

Would you mind noting in the description on your YouTube video that the warp core design is by theplanetmike? I do appreciate the link that is there. Thank you!

That would definitely make some sense as to why the thin supports came out that way.
I totes meant to mention your name in the video, but must have spaced it during editing - sorry about that! I've edited the description to include your name in there.

Looks like one of those dildos

Printing right now! The base is coming out awesome on my Anet A8!

Printed and looks amazing, even got the same lights, just brilliant. Thanks for sharing this work!

So glad you enjoyed it!

This is unbelievably brillaint! Thank you for your work.

The section for 'instructions" seems to have disappeared? Wanting to print, and trying to figure out how many of the pieces to print, which are optional, and what order they get assembled in, including the LED lights. Thanks!

Hi. Second question for you. In the instructions, it says you used the cheap blue icicle lights to get the desired pulsing effect, available on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A2G4CEM?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393177&creativeASIN=B00A2G4CEM&linkCode=shr&tag=theplamik-20


To get that cool white glow through the middle, try a string of these white LEDs: http://amzn.to/1PDh8Sw

**** HOWEVER, in the comment thread it says you

For the lighting I used these "30cm 8 Tube 160 Leds Blue Color Shower Meteor Rain Light Tube for Wedding Party Christmas Xmas Decoration 5w Lights Waterproof By Bestumart" from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A2G4CEM?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393185&creativeASIN=B00A2G4CEM&linkCode=shr&tag=theplamik-20&linkId=MXXJAPXPH5QV25MB&psc=1

So which lights look the best and what did you use?

Hi. I'm very new to this. I'm wondering, what kind of 3d printer did you use?

Secondly, for the Warp_Core_Lights02.stl , it looks like it's not totally transparent?
What type of plastic did you use for this, etc? If I wanted to have a 3d printing company
print this out for me, what would I tell them in regards for the warp core lights file?

Are the rest of all the pieces you'd want to use black plastic?


I'm not seeing the mesh file for the base included with this, even though it looks like everyone that made one of these has a base on it. Did the file disappear or am I just not seeing it?

It's the one called warp_core_supports_base05

Ahh, ok. I didn't realize the base was integrated with the support pieces. Sorry about that. :-)

How ist the Warp_Core_MARC5r.stl connected? As both ends are flat, have they to be glued to WarpPostRing02.stl?

I don't glue mine. I just stack them. You can use the WarpPostRing if you need more stability. Wrap a little tape around the posts for a more snug no-glue solution.

I am not seeing how many of each piece I need to print (per section and over all).. Specifically the light positioner 4. What exactly does this do? I am guessing it, positions the light strips..

As pictured, I used 2 Light Positioners and 1 Light Positioner blocked to position the lights appropriately. You can, of course, print as many as you need.

Printed and looks amazing, even got the same lights, just brilliant. Thanks for sharing this work!

I made one of these for my nephew, I resized it a little though as I just wanted a small desk type lamp for his room to use as a night light :)

Awesome. Saw a picture. Looked like it turned out great!

Awesome design.. what is the overall height, i saw that you said you staggered the lights, would the 50cm lights fit inside?

50 cm would be too tall for the way I built my. It comes in slightly under that. But, this warp core is stackable so you can make it as tall as you want!

Quick note: I recommend printing the tubes on the supports at >50% infill. I printed mine at 25%, and I had 3 of them break. The bottom can be printed at whatever infill you want.

Comments deleted.

Very nice file to print off Very happy with mine.

Nice! Is support needed for this print? I'm having some overhang issues on the dilithium crystal chamber part.

There are some overhang issues. They usually resolve after a layer or two. You could probably print with support for higher quality, but I've never enjoyed the extra time it take to print or the cleanup of the part after.

Yep! It was pretty minor when the whole thing came out 15 hours later. It looks awesome. 1 down, a few more to go. I'm excited in making this. Thanks for sharing!

About to start printing one of these. How much infill did you use for the light tubes?

Absolutely brilliant! Going to make a half dozen of these for my fellow nerds!

Thanks for sharing!

Amazing job. these are going to be christmas gifts. I'm sorry to be stupid but how many of each part?

I was hoping to find out a little more about the lighting setup for this. What did you use/parts/assembly?

For the lighting I used these "30cm 8 Tube 160 Leds Blue Color Shower Meteor Rain Light Tube for Wedding Party Christmas Xmas Decoration 5w Lights Waterproof By Bestumart" from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A2G4CEM?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393185&creativeASIN=B00A2G4CEM&linkCode=shr&tag=theplamik-20&linkId=MXXJAPXPH5QV25MB&psc=1

I staggered them inside to reach the top and bottom.

For assembly, see the instructions tab. There are some important steps to keep in mind. I designed it to have a modular design, so you can make your warp core as tall as you like!

How are these lights held in place inside? I've been looking at the parts and can't tell how it was done.

See new pictures of the lights!

I have a favor to ask of anyone who can print this amazing lamp. I attend Burning Man most years, and have built an art car based on the Star Trek shuttle "Chaffee" Type 10. I have all the external lighting worked out, and was looking for internal special effects, when I saw your warp core. I would love to build one into the engine compartment of the art car, but don't have a 3d printer (spare money has gone into the construction of the art car, oh, and the kids ;) . Is anyone willing to print one of these for me? Obviously I'd pay costs, shipping etc.

It would be soooo cool to have a warp core in the shuttle. Thanks.

Dr. Kirby Surprise
[email protected]

Great job on the model files - thank you!!!

Sorry - fixed that - did not realize the upload defaulted to private. Should be good now.

It looks like the video is set to be private. I can't view it. Would you be willing to make it public? Thanks!

Yep, gotta print me one of these

Friend i built these model by my own :) and created some missing parts.. can send u the files for sidetubes

I'd love to see those files get posted, maybe as a remix?

:) Thanks for fast responding..
About Vertex:
I modified all parts to get a better surface..But for me - its not possible to subdivide and smooth the mesh of Warp_Core_MARC4r to get a round surface :(

It probably has too many subtle changes in shape that would confuse something that would smooth it.

Yeahh ::
Here my question :)
Can u smooth the Vertex of th emiddle part?

  1. Whats about the right and left support (red)..
    Thanks for beautiful Object

I'm not sure what you mean by the vertex of the middle part. You might be referring to the latch that holds the dilithium crystal chamber. That is supposed to be there.
I decided not to model the red power conduits on either side of the warp core because they would look funny leading to nothing for a table lamp. It was a tough decision because I appreciate accuracy, but I think it was the right choice for this project. I'm sure I will go back and model them at some point so that they exist for other uses of this warp core.

I love it! I'm going to scale it to work with my Diamond Select figures.

Oh I think i am going to have to make one of these..

Excellent lamp really impressive bit of work.