Mouse trap door for glass jar

by jhaut2 Dec 9, 2018
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I think your model has a few issues or maybe it's something with the latest cura. The door hinge shows a line gap and the door entrance has line gaps in the two corners. These things can only be seen in layer view in cura. I noticed it can't be seen in regular solid view. They print with those line gaps, didn't notice until I printed the model.

I have cura 3.6.6 and cannot reproduce this problem. I'm using normal settings without adhesion.

Cura 3.6 is the latest which is what I have. I don't see a 3.6.6 release. I don't use adhesion like brim or raft which wouldn't even matter in this case. I thought it might be the thin wall or filter gap setting but that didn't work. I set the default normal profile on cura that doesn't fix the line gap either. Stumped on what could be the issue?

dunno why is that happening, but now the model is updated. I made it bigger. Maybe helps.

The entrance is now fixed but the hinge still has a gap. Thanks for the fixes though. I just figured out whats going on. Two of the layers on the hinge are thinner than my nozzle. I have a .4mm nozzle and setting it in cura to .3 makes those layers show up. The hinge needs to be a little thicker.

Thank you for your time! I hope i understood correctly. Updated model now.

Okay its sorta fixed. But the whole model didn't need to be bigger just a few places where the walls should be thicker in the model. The large size just increases printing time, and mice can fit through a hole the size of a bottle. The bigger door entrance actually creates a large unsupported section that prints badly. I found out when I went to print it. I have a pic on the problem areas where the thickness is pretty thin, the hinge actually has a couple layers only a nozzle thick.