Bayonet (CS:GO Knife)

by Herman_Lundgren May 10, 2014
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I used the handle of this knife to make my glow knife (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2263451). Hope you like what I have done with it.

Glow Knife

HEY! Which program do you use for do it? ;)

For all those who are asking how to split it in half to print.
uses netfabb a free software

This design is awesome, I wonder if you could help me split the model into Part A & B, because I can't find softwares that can do it, by splitting it up in half, it will help me to print easier...Plz HELP.....

P.S : Can you make a Huntsman KNIFE also from CS:GO?

These models are fantastic, me and my friends love CS:GO. Keep up the good work!

I think it's around 33cm (13 in)

Make more csgo things!

I will!! You guys are giving me so much positive response that i love making this kinda stuff. Actually the M9 bayonet will be out this weak! But as you know. Making these kind of stuff take quite a while :/.
If you want to support me even more you could support me by donating to my paypal account (hermanlego@hotmail.com). This will get me more motivated to make more game props.

If you want you could even give me some idea's i should make next. Could be a another weapon or prop in a another game ;)

Thank you!


Please make a karambit

Nice bayonet, but i have this strange thing, When i open this 3d file with my program (GCL_Player) it shows me as this:
And your model in the picture is nice:

I dont have a 3D printer so maybe in a special program of your printer you can see the details normally but i dont know :/ I'll be waiting for your answer! :)

hey nice bayonet, can you split it in 2 pieces so i can print it without support.

Sorry, I am new to printing and I like your karambit. Would I need supports to print the blade of this knife?

Yes. You need support!