Kerbal Space Program Modular Rocket Parts 1:50 Scale

by SethBon Dec 14, 2018
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Thank you very much for your work. After a recent xkcd post I am trying to fit the large orange tank and a mainsail engine with an ultrasonic humidifier.

Additionally I would like to propose a launch tower as a stand for the rocket. There is some preliminary work on my profile.

The skipper engine is not a "waterproof" model when I put it into my slicer. A good chunk of it isn't shown as if the walls had 0 thickness.

Hmm, that's strange. One of the walls is probably too thin for your slicer settings. I'm using Slic3r PE with the default 0.4mm nozzle settings and it slices everything fine. Try enabling "detect thin walls" if your slicer has that feature or decreasing your extrusion width.

I'm using the same Slic3r, v1.38.2, and it still shows up faulty. I'll attach a screenshot.

So it's showing the missing walls like that without even being sliced yet. Try opening the model in something like the Windows 3D Viewer to see if there is something wrong with the .stl file. Download the file again if there is. If it looks fine in 3D Viewer, try updating to the latest Slic3r PE, v1.41.2 to see if that helps.

That was it. I just downloaded the latest Slic3r but didn't uninstall the old one so it still used the old version when I went to open after it was downloaded.

Thank you for your work.


Thanks for all this work. I'm considering 1/2 scale (so 1:100). Do you see any issues aside from thin parts? I see 3mm diam x 1mm thick magnets on Amazon.

Just posted the 1:100 scale parts. Check them out here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3280528

Kerbal Space Program Modular Rocket Parts 1:100 Scale
by SethBon

Thanks again for doing this. Out of curiosity did you try the 1:100 version with a straight scaling from the 1:50, using all 3x1mm magnets? I am halfway through printing this so we'll see how robust the connections are...

I haven't tried that yet. Theoretically it should work, but the 3x1mm magnets aren't as strong so you may not get the greatest hold. Let me know how it works out for you.

I'm actually just getting ready to publish my 1:100 scale parts. Just polishing up a few details. They should be up before this weekend.

I'd advice to test the engines first, cause they have the most delicate details (i.e. the plumbing) before starting to print you parts from top to bottom (thats what I did) and running into problems at the end. :)

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This is a reeally nice pack, thanks for sharing!
I made models of the simple jet engine and the LVT-30 about 4 years back, would you care to include them in the pack? you can see them on my account
I hope they are still in the game, as I haven't played ksp for a while.
I believe you can just download stl files into fusion and add the magnet hole(s) to it.
Take care!

You are literally my most favorite person on planet Earth!

I looked for a way to export in game models so they could have been printed but I was a bit unskilled and lazy for that.

What you have done is great! Thank you for sharing. Also you should send a link to developper. I am quite sure they will love it and promote it.

Thanks again.

Nice project ! Great work.

Playing KSP on console: nice
Playing KSP on PC: great
Playing KSP in RL: awesome!

You're my new hero! Thanks a lot for making and sharing - Very good idea with the magnets!

I hope you'll expand on the parts ;)

Duuuuuude Logged in just to tell you thanks! these look just perfect!

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omg dude you are gold :D