Tesla Wall Charger Plug Holder with Cable Hook

by cptskippy Dec 10, 2018
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I just printed this in PETG.

It fits the charge plug very securely unlike a previous print I tried.

I also like that the cable "hook" allows more coils than the previous one I printed.

I had been having problems with prints warping off the bed due to temperature differences that may have caused shrinking and warping so for the PETG filament, I printed a brim and raft as well as used a heated bed, hair spray on the bed as well as enclosing the printer in a cardboard box (that I fashioned and taped together).

Thanks for the "thing" cptskippy.

hello, I did print this thing as is before getting my model 3, but now I got it, it is way out of size (too small). What am I doing wrong ?

This mount is designed for Tesla's proprietary connector used in North America. The European and Australian versions of the Model 3 are using the CCS2 connector which is incompatible.

Do you have a North American Model 3?

that's it then, thanks for the prompt reply

No worries, sorry for the confusion. I updated the description to note that this won't work with the CCS2 connector.

First design of the many I printed that actually holds the wand without falling out (and damaging the plastic !)

Thanks for it ! …and for uploading the SCAD so I can redesign easily without the "hook" :)

I had two of these made in ABS and the nub broke on both of them after just a few uses. There is a design flaw in that the nub that holds the weight of the charging cable is hollow and thin. See images. This is a nice design but the nub needs to be solid and anchored a lot better to the rest of the unit so that it can bare more weight and not be so delicate.

Maybe if I used more infill and layer thickness?

I printed in PLA with a wall thickness of 1.05 mm and line count of 3, top layer thickness of 0.72mm and 6 top layers, infill density was 22% Tri-Hexagon.

I had to induce a similar failure with an early revision of the part because I wasn't able to remove the charger from the part due to clearance issues. The part used the same settings as above and it took tremendous force to rip out the charger.

Unfortunately I can't specify all those configs into any of these online order places since I don't have a printer. All I can do is specify the fill and layer thickness if i am lucky. You think if I made it in 100% fill in ABS (which is suppose to be stronger than PLA) that it will be sufficient not to brake?

Other possibility is to change the design to make that nub and the area around it solid. Can that be specified in the design so I don't have to order the entire thing solid?

100% infill might help but the failure looks like it might be an issue with de-lamination, your photos show that it pulled away more than the numb. ABS can be tricky to dial-in. I like to "work harden" my ABS prints by painting them with Acetone too help fuse them together.

As far as making the numb solid, I'm not aware of a way to do that. The STL files are just models of the object, the person doing the printing then uses a slicer to convert them to G-Code, and the slicer is what's responsible for wall thickness and other part properties.

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What infill and layer thickness should I select when I request to have this made? Also what material?

I used a 20% infill and it's plenty strong. My layer height was 0.13125 mm but that's specific to my printer and unnecessarily thin. I used PLA but ABS or Nylon would be fine too.

Why can't I request this to be printed by a service?

Doh! I never uploaded an STL, just the SCAD file. I just uploaded the STL so it should work now. Sorry about that.

I really like your design!

Funny, I just posted my own revision to this design here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3272551

Tesla Model S/X/3 Cable Organizer
by jakepoz

Argh! If I'd have just waited a few days. Haha... thanks I like your design more. The mounting bracket is a nice touch.

I love your simple and support-free design!