Tamper proof zip tie security hood

by driggers Oct 21, 2012
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You could add an SD card to the hood that contains a digitally signed manifest of what's beyond the zip tie (text, photos, video). That way, the hood is the first line of defense, but assuming it's intact Bob can first validate the manifest, and then use the manifest to validate the physical package.
Although, if you wanted to beef up the hood you could water-mark the insides of the walls via cavities. (hopefully only visible against a bright light)

Hmm, there's also got to be a way to take advantage of the ability to print unique changes per hood...

Wouldn't a drop of super glue be easier?

But much less cool!

I think this thing should be renamed to "Tamper Resistant Zip tie hood".

i was thinking the same thing.. but then i thought.. if someone did try to tamper with it.. it would show that it was tampered with.. Not that it can't be broken.. but that if someone tried to brake it, it would show the damage and could not be fixed to erase the damage.???

Yeah, as someone pointed out to me a while ago, it is "tamper evident", not "tamper proof"

yes. exactly.. you can also personalize the print with special numbers?

what if this also had a ship block as part of the body.. that prevented shim being able to get in.. perhaps a double shim block with a fake zip tie rachet that did notthing to open.. but blocked the ability to get to the main lock of the zip tie??

and make that very thin so it would be fragile to tamper.. and difficult to restore.. .. like shim attempts.

Nice ideas! Maybe I'll do a redesign ...

A very thin metal shim fed along the underside of the tie will follow the curve and defeat the catch just like the pin does, and being more flexible would follow along the curve rather than digging in like the pin.

I was thinking what if the tie made a 360 turn inside the protective housing.. that could make it harder to guid a thin shim to correct rachet of the tie.. and if there was a decoy tie rachet internally as well.. ?

Maybe, but I have not seen a metal shim that might work.  This brings up an idea I have thought of for the next version. Add a mechanism that will cause ink to be spread around the zip tie hood if the zip tie were to be pulled out again.  I have in mind a glue barrier and a drop of viscous ink injected into the chamber holding the end of the tie.

Another idea would be a script to create a customized printable seal, which can then be stamped into a blob of wax put over the zip tie.