Hose clamp for dust collection hoses

by MariusHornberger Dec 14, 2018
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I've wanted these to work for a while. But sadly, I don't think they're properly sized for standard american size spiral hoses. They're either too small or fit perfectly without room to tighten any further. I've just about given up with this model. Tried it on 4" and 2.5" hoses. I think a cheap metal hose clamp from the hardware store would have saved me a lot of headache and frustrations trying to print these.

The joiner piece prints better when the slots are on the bottom and the "hump" is on top. If you print it as shown, you get flaky layers on the top of the inside round area and it doesn't hold as well. When using 4" and 5" hoses, you should consider using a screw side of one size and a nut side of another (ie 120mm of one and 130 mm of another) so that you can get the right diameter without it being too long. I finally ended up with 50mm screws for the wing nut screw - which is very hard to find. I tried to find an imperial equivalent, but in 5mm - ish size, it's hard to find that length. 6mm would have been easier, but I didn't want to resize it (either for 6mm or an imperial similar one).

Are the sizes of the straps for the diameter of the hose? The circumference? Or the length of the section being printed?

It's the inner diameter, for a 4 inch standard hose, use 100 mm and 5mm connector

I think this is a really cool idea for dust collection hoses. When I printed the 200mm one it was way longer. First thing i've ever printed that was out of whack. Would a diamond or square shape work better than a rounded one for the piece that joins the two straps? I can probably just glue the round ones once i figure out what length to make. I don't see the green wing nut in the files either. Great idea to make these. Thanks.