Switch Portrait / Vertical / Flip Grip with locking mechanism

by icefox1983 Dec 15, 2018
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I'd love to print this, but it's juuuust too big to print on my Duplicator i3 Plus (even diagonally, it's like a centimeter too big). :-(

check out the (only) remix of this model! someone had the same problem and cut off the handles so it can fit.

Thanks for this design. I already printed one but i what to make some changes, can you share the original file?

ok, i will try to edit this way.

there are some problems and some change to make it better:
1) the left joycon will not enter correctly, but the right is ok.
2) change the lock mecanish to be printed well without suport
3) the top center can be removed until it get to the lock mecanism.
4) change the bottom to be printed without suport.
5) there is a lot of uneed parts on the back that can be removed

Thanks for the list.

1) is probably your printer's problem. I test printed several prototypes and both joy cons enter smoothly. This part is remixed from one of the most popular comfort grip designs on Thingiverse which has been printed by hundreds of people.

2) Indeed there is a way. You can make the opening at an angle and get rid of support. Although you may need to re-test the strength. The support is very easy to remove anyway (with support interface) so I didn't Bother

3) it is possible, although strength and resistance of the lock may be affected.

4) I tried that but reverted the change because the grip is not as comfortable.

5) True. I was too lazy to go there.

I look forward to your revision. But please at least keep a version without changing 1. As I said it's probably your printer. If you change 1, the model may not print correctly on all other printers.

There is no original design. I loaded up the stl in tinkercad to change it and you can do the same. What changes are you thinking? I may try adopting it if I overlooked something.

Great improvements on the design! Thanks icefox1983!

thank you for your remix in the first place!