Modified Nintendo Switch Joy-con grip (remixed)

by JopieLoempia Dec 15, 2018
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Worked great at 96%, s3d, prusa i3 mk2 tuned for dimensional accuracy!

I printed just the rail at 98%. It was still too loose for the joycon and also since that shrunk all directions it no longer had the correct length. Similar to threeclaws

I printed these on an Ender 3 with the Y scaled at 96% to fit my Joycons. Could be about 2% longer I think But good enough for me...Tweeked the buttons and did some file work to fit them... Nice set up ... Played very well.

Gave these a shot but even at 96% they are still too big and at that reduction they really didn't fit right anymore. Going to give the originals a shot now and see if they have a better fit.

This was on an accurate (near perfect calibration cube and I have no issues with the surprise eggs) ender 3.

I had to print it at 97% and the fit was easy to get in, but not too easy to get out. 100% and it was really sloppy. I would probably do it at 96% honestly.

These are MUCH more comfortable than no grips or other basic grips I've tried. I wish the grips were a little larger though.

Hey nice job with this remix. I printed it on my CR-10 at .2 resolution with 30% infill with no problem. I also experienced the Joy-Con being loose in the grip allowing it to slide out easily. I'm printing it now at 98% scale and hopefully that will fix that. Also I printed it on a RAFT as the overhand of the handles concerned me. Once again thanks..

Printed this and it came out great. Joy-Con is a little loose so in the future I may print at 99% or a little lower resolution. Otherwise, love it.

.2mm layer height
15% infill (might increase for more weight)

Good to know. I'll put it in the description. Results vary so much with printers, nozzles and material. I have quite a cheap Prusa clone which makes for a tighter fit because of lower dimensional accuracy.