Moai Tissue Dispenser - High Res

by Crooked_Noozle Dec 15, 2018
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What filament color did you use? Or it posts tuning?

Wow this is really nice that I'm willing to bear the duration of the print! lol! I picked a filament just for this project and using Cura's experimental feature which is the only way to print this. I am SO hopeful that it would make it to the end. Cura estimates 1 day, 10 hours, 39 minutes. OctoPrint estimates 3 days! :D Just 6:40:34 at the time of this writing. Now, my main concern is the overhangs. I didn't want to ruin this print by using supports but other than the nose, I'm so hoping it'll work. In hindsight I should've used supports then block almost everything except for the most extreme angles... but too late now! I won't find out until half of the way there. lol Wish me luck!

I am printing one of these now. Thanks for posting it. I used Gyroid infill that has continuous holes throughout so that it can be filled with sand and it will distribute throughout the infill. I am using 10% Gyroid infill which is stronger than other infills too. I plan to cut a hole on the inside near the bottom where the tissue box goes so that I can fill the bottom with sand and then put a piece of tape or something over the hole if needed. 2 days and 8 hours to print at 60mm/s (30mm/s skin). Only 8 hours into it so far :).

Hey, awesome for putting in the work and getting good results. I always wanted to print the low res one but this is a BIG step up!
Thanks for doing/posting this!

Did you already printed one?
If yes, how? (Settings, in one piece...)

No, I have the original part.
But you can ask people the low-res version
have printed.

Moai Tissue dispenser

Did you already printed one?
If yes, how? (Settings, in one piece...)