Bloody Glorious Hawk-boy

by SebTheis Dec 17, 2018
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THIS IS AN AMAZING MODEL!! I cant wait to print and share here. However; I literally just got my first 3d printer today. (a da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Pro) and I was hoping for maybe some guidance how to set my layers and such. I completely intend to hit youtube for a few hours for how to videos but since your a gene brother (For Sanguinius and the Emperor) I was hoping you may throw some wisdom my way.

Might you be able to post this model as a single piece? I am wanting to print this on my resin printer and it would be awesome if that was possible.

the wings will probably not fit in your resin priter surface area. unless you have a huge printer, or intend to print at really small scale

Would it be possible to add a one piece model anyways? :) i got a normal PLA printer and currenty have to print it piece by piece as there's no one solid model to print in one go.

printing it as a single piece will most probably end up being impossible on a FDM machine, you would have supports everywhere, and in visible areas, lots of parts would be very brittle. I wouldnt recommend doing this.
if you still want to do that, you should be able to import all the parts in windows 3D builder and combine them in a single part.

I already do have that. And I managed to remove them just fine by being careful with each part. Also, with default size, the pins for the feet broke off easily at 0.08mm layer thickness, so have to glue it on.

You are very correct. Okay no worries I will print it in pieces. Amazing model though!

I just started printing this thing and is it just me or is the torso too small for the legs? The pinholes for connection are fine but the body and everything connected to it needs to be scaled up to fill in the waist line. Otherwise, the waist is significantly larger than the torso

I know the torso could be buffed up a bit if you want reflect the power armour appearance. But as it is the proportions seem right for classic armour. Could you picture your problem ?

I hope this pic shows the awkward size nature of the print. It does look awkward like its not filled in all the way

I think it is the belt that makes it feel a bit undersized. It seems too that your print got somehow curled/shrinked on the outer edges of the waist on the upper part (filling it with some glue might make things look good).

If you can print another upper body, I would suggest using the model with smaller head, and perhaps resize it at 105%.


Hey great Model Just wondering how do I scale all the model pieces to 28mm I'm new to the 3D printing community

it depends what you call 28mm scale. this one was intended to stand as Sanguinius proxy for 40k (as it is a primarch he is taller than standard troops)
if you want him approx scaled like standard guys, you could resize all the parts to 70%

I just want to say this is one of the best mini sculpts I have ever seen. it is beautiful and so professionally designed in how the components all fit together I am blown away. I am the forever GM for my friends and I needed a great model for the final boss fight and this is it. the party is evil so this is the Big Bad Good Guy.

I am a bit confused on how the shield is supposed to fin in to the left arm though.

Hello, thanks for the compliment. the shield i supposed to go on the right arm (instead of the lance), but the pin is indeed missing on the arm. i'll upload a corrected version

Amazing sculpt - any chance of posting it as one whole figure rather than parts only?

if you import all the parts into 3D builder or meshmixer, they should come exactly where you need them.

Every time I go to print the sword it comes with a split already in it, Im using simplify 3d and it actually shows the break before printing (in preview) I printed to test and it came printed with the break there!! Any advice, lance was the same, this was at 200% scale?

that's because S3D handles combined meshes super badly. if you run your parts through W10 3D builder it will solve it. Let me know if you still have problems.
in fact when using S3D, ALWAYS do tha, or you may end having breaks or holes in your models

The sword works fine now, just had to import and fix, I wish I'd heard about that sooner, thanks a lot friend :) --OFF topic-> I have a question about the fixing process W10-builder does.. on another model it totally ruined the dress on my sorceress but at least its now printable, can I adjust the process W10-builder uses so it doesn't do as much fixing ? (Sorry I'm a total noobie) Thanks again, Can't wait to print and paint this all out, I'll be sure to upload a pic.

That is bloody glorious.

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This is Bloody Glorious! As soon as my 0.2mm Nozzle comes in I am definitely going to attempt this print. Wonderful job Seb!

I absolutely love this model and I'm finally about to get around to printing it. Just wondering - do you know what the scale is like compared to other primarch models?

should be not too far This one is approx 48mm high (without wings and halo). But I don't really know actual size of other dudes.

That does seem like it should be about right. Forgeworld seems not to be that forthcoming with the sizes of the other models.

Incidentally I don't know if you saw but there's an official Forgeworld Sanguinius coming soon, and it's nowhere near as good as this one imo!

thanks !
I'm pushing the challenge farther at the moment, as we launched a Patreon with Brexit and Matttking(Garin) for 3d printable proxies.
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this will be awesome!!

That's awesome. I've just signed up for the Patreon - can't wait to see what the three of you come up with!

Hopefully I can make it epic.... The blood angel players need there gene father.

There seems to be part of the right arm missing from the parts, I printed this on a Anycubic Photon

There are 2 versions of each hand in the files. 1 empty and 1 with weapon

holy crap, that is one hell of an impressive sculpt job

Any plans for more traitors? Big red and wingy is awesome.

Wow. Incredible work. Sculpts like this makes me want to buy resin printer.

0.2 nozzle ordered! Just out of curiosity, you think you'll be modelling the classic boots anytime soon? :)

Now that is some speed!! I'm looking forward to printing this guy once my nozzle arrives!!

Thank you again! You are awesome!

its already done !

you know what, i'll do it tonight, just for you

Hey awesome sculpt!,

i am having issue with the body where the arms and shoulder armour falls off after printing. on closer look for my slicer it has a cavity between the arm and body (image attached), this is filled up with just support material and at 0.2 nozzle these are very brittle and the only point it attaches is at the top of the shoulder.

any advice?

nozzle: 0.2
Layer: 0.08

Hi it looks like an intersecting mesh issue.
I will upload a merged file in a minute

Awesome thank you!, looks perfect.

Comments deleted.

May I ask which programm you used to skulpt this magnificent work?

Wow, my friend, you have some serious talent, thanks for the work

Just WOW, great job man.

Seb, you've done it again! I've always joked among my circle of friends that "Horus did nothing wrong" (as I have a sons of horus 30k army), but after seeing this gorgeous model, I might have to concede that Horus may have done a wrong or two. Will definitely be printing this guy in the near future.

GOOD JOB SIR!!!!!!!!!! one day I hope to the the BA dice cup. The GSC one you made for me has blown up in the community!

I am loving this man!!!!

Im on a ulitmaker 2+, and wondering how to print these beautiful wings without them being destroyed by supports and having hours of cleanup. Any tips, or is it just a limitation of my machine.

Amazing work, and a real challenge for my Ender 3 with a .25 nozzle. The torso turned up pretty good at 0.08 LH. Now I'm printing the wings (13 hs)... I hope I don't get home to a spaghetti monster!!

PS: I'll post the Make once it's done, and I'll paint it too ;)

Please do! I have an E3 Pro on the way and would love to see how it can handle a model like this!

look in the pictures i posted with the model, you can see my print attempt with a prusa i3 clone i bought 3 years ago. it's decent (wings printing right now)

*drools.................i'm gonna need a smaller nozzle!!

Seriously stepping up that remix game. Nice work.

Holy Shitball!
I have to print it, for the emperor protects!

of course you have to

and you will share your make

Awesome model! But I seem confused in history .... why Sanguinius in the symbolism of traitors? Where did I miss it? :))))

bearing the eye of horus before the heresy was a symbol of loyalism, and horus and sanguinius were very close friends; but sanguinius remained an absolute follower of the emperor. Poor sanguinius didn't see what happened after the heresy anyways

He loved his brother :'(

he loved his 'father' more

he loved his 'father' more

hmm ... banned my comment 0_o
thanks for the answer!
otherwise I started worrying about the fate of the winged angel :)
I’ll finish the printout of the titan knight and start this amazing model!

Thank you for the clarification! Оtherwise I was already scared for the birdу :) Now I’ll finish the titan knight on the LCD and start this handsome miniature!

thanks o great initiator

That really is beautiful.

I think he will be even more beautiful once printed and painted

i need to up my game


i bet you can

Thoroughly impressed! The way you key these models to fit together is nothing short of professional, you could probably sculpt original works professionally!

thanks, i'm just hobbyist, and designing my models slowly when i have free time

Looks amazing Seb!! Great work!

thanks, that was tedious, but rewarding work (─‿─)

You are a scholar and a saint!

of course i am (^_<)~☆

thanks for all buddy (^v^)

On my to do list (after stroganoffs mars titan so maybe in 2 months lol). Looks awesome ! <3

thanks 。^‿^。