Gearz: a board game

by scruss Dec 18, 2018
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  1. "White" player goes first.
  2. One cog only is moved per player’s turn.
  3. A cog (including the players Master Cog) may be moved one pegs distance in any direction, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  4. A cog may not jump another, but may pass through the diagonal between two cogs.
  5. At any stage in the game, a player may, at the completion of their move, elect to turn their Master Cog. If this turns their opponents Master Cog in the direction of its arrow, they win. A player may turn their own Master Cog in any direction to achieve this result, but if the opponent’s Master Cog fails to turn or turns in the wrong direction, they lose the game.

Master Cog start position is always fourth from the left.


I put in markers for the master cog start positions. I don't remember the original having them.

The game seems trivially easy if the opponent doesn't move their master cog.