2-color tree frog

by nervoussystem May 13, 2014
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Hi, how can I create a dual color model of my own?

Best regards .!

Small frog looks great when I import into repetier and align the two parts, however when I slice it with .2mm/2shell/10%infill I get the entire bottom back area and tail missing in the slice from the main larger (under) component.

Anyone have suggestions on what I need to adjust in slic3r?
I've tried modifying the number of shells to 5 but that doesn't seem to be it. I could try to increase resolution but I may reach the limit on my printer.

Tak to bych také rád věděl. chtěl bych vyzkoušet dvoubarevný tist se dvěma extrudery a jednou tryskou, ale nevím, jak to nastavit.

The model center is on the plate for you. It needs to be aligned so that the bottom of the model is on your plate, otherwise half of it will seem to be cut off.

Not sure what others here have experienced but I think I fixed the files by putting both up into netfabb and downloading fixed files. Still need o wait and see how it prints.

Update: The netfabb fix seems to have worked. Overall the frog prints nicely but I likely still have some tweaking to do with my printer settings. All in all i think that with a small acetone vapor bath this will clean up quite nicely.

I'm new at all this but learning fast. I have a Taz6 with dual extrudes. I'm thinking of printing this with 2 colors of TPU, your thoughts?

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I also model but rather technical and simple forms. I wish to know the soft that helped you in your very beautiful realization. Thank you

This is awesome! How difficult was the hollow piece to make?

EDIT: Ignore this, read the description fully:
I imagine in a mesh CAD program the original mesh is duplicated and shrunk inwards to create the thickness of the hollow piece. That's just to create an inner "core" and outer "skin". Then just drawing by hand these patterns around the skin and use them to slice the skin into two parts. One part is merged with the core and becomes that black main body and the other is left as is and printed as colour.

Anyone have tips for printing this with the Powerspec 3d pro 2? It starts out great, but after about 45% it just looses control of the filament. I have a large fan that sits next to it, but still having issues.

After I print, how do I put the two parts together?

The two parts must be printed together on a dual extrusion 3D-printer.

Very cool looking frog. I printed with my TAZ 4 and cyclops dual extruder hot end. I printed with PLA at speed 30 mm / sec perimeter, 0.2 mm layer height and the surface has a rough texture to it. Will printing slower give me a smoother finish?

Hi I am trying to get my dual printer to work,

Have you got the firmware to work ?
I am using Marlin & RAMPS 1.4,
But cannot get it to compile, with two extruders.

Any info. appreciated



Thanks for the fast response. I hope this helps others understand how this model works.

One more question, and I've had this happen with other models, but my old methods aren't working;
I've tried printing a dozen ways, and every time, in the print priview of makerbot, I get a fence like half perimiter around the object; one color on one side, and the other color on the other side, almost like the object almost fully gated in.

Have any ideas on what's going on here? Is it because of a leaky connection? What's the best way to rectify? I really appreciate it...

It's called an "ooze shield", and is for exactly what nervoussystem said.

the makerbot does that by design to limit the drippiness of the dual extrusion process and give you a cleaner print

Why is my tree frog big solid preparing in makerbot as 1 thing file, only allowing me to pick 1 color? THIS SUCKS! How did you guys make the two colors? I have made 2 colored objects in my dual extrusion makerbot replicator 2x, so Im no rookie.

But I'm missing something here. Please help!! I love all the color combos people made btw.

you need to load both parts. please download both the parts. one is labeled "solid" part and the other "hollow." load both in your printer software and set each to a different extruder to print in two colors

Great file, I made one, will upload it soon.

  • How can I get other things to split like this for duel extrusion?

slic3r can't slice the thing at all.
However curaengine can. I've done with purple/milk colors.

slic3r 1.17 can slice the files if you repair them first - see my earlier comment.

What about the poor old corroboree frog?

hmmmm... maybe we'll do that one in the future.

thanks nice files... has anyone tried it on the da vinci 2.0 duo...

The original STL files are reported by sli3r as containing thousands of errors, which it attempts to repair but does not do successfully. Before I could slice these files, I had to run them through the Microsoft/Netfabb cloud repair service. Slic3r 1.1.7 was able to slice the repaired files.

I have a question. Any idea why it prints a fence around the frog? Has anyone had that happen?
We are new to this whole 3D printing, and was wondering.

If anyone is having any troubles making this print. You have to drop both STL files on top of one another, and merge them.
That is the trick.
I'm sorry if this is a repeat.

the fence around the frog is placed there by makerware to minimize the amount of specs that get stuck to the side of the model.

Is there any way you can post/release the same pattern but inverted?
I was thinking about trying to print (with dissolvable supports) only the stripes. But upon inspection, the model of only stripes has islands of material, where the inverse would not.
Put another way, your main picture is a black frog with green stripes. I would like to print only the black stripes and not the frog (and not the green stripes).

hypothetically yes, but I don't have time to do it at the moment. You could try the same idea with our octopus. Neither side of te octopus is solid http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:67503

2-Color Octopus

Amazing design!
Although it is "Colombia" and not "Columbia" , Im from there and have actually seen this particular Frog alive and kicking in the Colombian part of the Rainforest ! Again, beautiful design! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the catch, @mararuo -- Fixed our spelling. It would be so cool to see one of these in the rainforest! Glad our design is beautiful to someone who has. :)

Are you guys still planning to release the tool for creating these designs? They're fantastic.

We are still planning to release the tool. Right now it is an amalgamation of different tools we've created, some are web-based and others are not. We are planning to make a single web-based tool to do the whole process but there are a few things we still have to do to make that happen.

Awesome! I have been printing your models for awhile and they are some of my favorite. I can't wait to play around with making some of my own.

Great looking frog!!