BT-60 AV Bay MK2

by wardy89 Dec 18, 2018
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That worked perfectly. Both altimeters fit.

glad to hear it.

I will check both and do a couple test flights and post back.

Thanks, the one thing i am unsure of with the RRC2+ is what the clearance between the board and the threaded rod will be as i had to increase the hight of the standoffs to create clearance for the board and i don't know how thick the board is.

The RRC2+ is 58mm x 23.5 mm with 50.8 mm between the center of the holes.

Thanks, I have now uploaded a design for the RRC2+ as well. You will have to check they fit as i don't have ether flight computer to check. Any problems let know and i will make modifications.

I absolutely love the design.

I attached photos. Both are small altimeters, One attaches to the AV sled or bay with 4 screws and the other with 2.

Thanks, it's been a fun project to design and test.

I have just uploaded a design with mounts for the Stratologger CF a small screw in each corner should secure it.

Do you have the dimensions of the board for the RRC2+ i need to work out the hight the standoff need to be.

Would you be willing to alter the design for the Startlogger CF and Missile Works RRC2+?

Both would require screws"

CF: 4 screws in corners: 16.25 x 45mm from the center to center
RRC2+: 2 screws in center ends of the board: 52 mm center to center

Yes, i would considering editing it wouldn't be too hard.

When you say both require screws, what do you mean? The way i have mounting the Eggtimer is to create a pad that lines up with the holes in the PCB and then there is a hole in the pad then i use a small screw to hold the altimeter in.