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35mm to Brownie Box Adapter

by Spaceman-Spliff Oct 23, 2012
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This looks awesome. I actually did build something quite similar using heavy duty cardboard, but for 120 film (my brownie 2A uses no-longer-manufectured 116 film) and it worked quite nicely (though I did not need to unwind the whole filme prior to loading the camera, I dare say, that your idea for using 35mm pre-unspooled is quite ingenious, and commend you for it. In my experience with cardboard and paper pinhole cameras, we usually spool film into empty cartridges after exposing it, so it's not much of a stretch to say it should be a similar process here (though a bit more critical since any light leak might veal the film).

To this end, I'd suggest you add to your lightproof insert some sort of "wall" where the film cartridge lips can slot tight, fitting the whole straight portion of the film cartridge inside a small "nook" that will further lightproof your design. Also, it should be possible to unwind/rewind the filme into the lightproof adapter by shutting down lights and covering yourself with a heavy blanket, if done quickly enough. (Since I only had access to a darkroom when in college, my bathroom more than once served as lab, and I would load film into developing tanks under blankets, without any veiling)

Great idea! Not to be pendantic, but if your Box camera is made by Agfa, it is not a Brownie. Brownie was (is?) a registered trademark of Kodak. Kodak used Brownie as a model name for lots of cameras over the years.