Wrist Mount for Garmin Edge 20/25

by ThomF Dec 18, 2018
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Thanks for your design. I had an issue that the round center was not fully connected to the outer parts. There was only a connection on the lowest layers. I attached my modifications that fixed this issue for me.

Thanks. I haven't had that problem, although i know there is little overlap between the round center mechanism and the arms. The next time I print one, I'll try your file.

Printed it today, but not an easy print. Did you use support material?

In particular the inner 'flaps' with the pins which hold the edge. The have a huge overhang angle... Wouldn't it be better just to have then flat on the ground? (instead of this wing like structure)
Also the edge which should retain the edge has nothing to hold on to... It printed, but quit poorly...

I love the idea though! Would you care to share the design? (I could try to implement some changes, which might improve the design)

I've been printing this with a raft, but not supports. It's important to print with high resolution, which on my printer means 0.10mm height. If i use a medium resolution, the mount doesn't fit my Edge 25 very well.

I don't see the 'huge overhang' angle. Are you sure that the model was flat on your printer base? The wings are needed to provide compression on your Edge--somewhat like the bicycle mount provided by Garmin.

Let me know if any of this helps your build. If not, I can share the OpenSCAD model, but it's a bit clunky. It relies upon a file import, which must be identified by file location and name.

Hi ThomF, I have been printing it at 0.1mm height. Also, I've been cleaning it up a bit with a file and forced the edge in and out a couple of times. Which seemed to clear things loose a bit. I've ordered a strap online and I'm keen to try it out. (I'll post a make then ;) ).

About the overhangs. I was talking about the overhangs in the picture added below.
The first one A: is an overhang of 90 degrees, which seems somewhat hard on my printer.
I think it could be improved with the provided sketch. Where instead of the hard 90° border a slightly bend border could do the trick as well? It only needs to catch the wings of the edge in the middle right?

Then there is overhang B. Which is also a bit though. Since that angle is very big. I'm not sure on how to improve that... I realize these compress when the edge is clipped in.

I would love to try stuff with the OpenSCAD model (my preferred 3D CAD ;-) ). I realize that can be very clunky for such files, been there done that :)

I don't have an OpenSCAD model for the basic mounting structure. Let me explain:

As I noted in the description, this build uses a previous posted model on Thingiverse for the basic mount design. I used Model: 1329407, which is described as "Support Garmin Edge 1000." (I should probably have provided specific credit for that--I plan to remedy it in the 'Thing Details.')

In any case, I imported that file into OpenSCAD, and then clipped off the four mounting wings and trimmed off the scalloped bottom with OpenSCAD. I figured that doing this would make it easier to build without supports. But my initial build had issues, so I added a bar along the bottom. With that change it printed pretty well on my MakerBot Replicator 2 and PLA.

I then added the bosses to mount the band, again using OpenSCAD.

Bottom Line: I don't have a convenient way to modify the basic mounting structure.