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Materials Solutions Christmas Bauble

by joeltelling Dec 19, 2018
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I'm printing this on an ender three pro, at .15 layer height 10% infill with hatchbox pla. The nozzle is 200c and bed is 60c, Printing at 100% scale. At about 1h 20min I look over and the printer is printing in thin air and the model is about 4-5 inches away from where it was, laying on its side. This happened twice. Any ideas?

Haven't had any problems printing this out using cura on my ender 3. Maybe increase adhesion by using a brim. I printed mine out at 100% and 150% scale, .15 and .2 layer heights, 10-20% infill, nozzle at 210 and bed at 60.

Should I enable z-hop?

For something like this z hop is needed on ender 3. Also set it to 0.16 layer hieght. Ender 3 likes 0.04 incriments.

so cool iam going to try and print it on my Monoprice Mini delta

I reduced the 0.5% scale version to load it better into Fusion360 or into slicers.
The mesh is now reduced by 95% but still looks clear.

Anybody else have issues with this model and Slic3r PE? It is a rather large STL (well, for me it is anyway) is hooboy did it cripple my computer when it was generating previews. Just a fair warning for anyone else out there!

I've loaded 1Gb files of a fractal in Slic3r PE, it was slow and took 20 min to slice but apart from that no problem.

You may try to reduce the mesh. E.g in Meshmixer.
Here you go, reduced it by 95%

Just as an FYI - only the 0.5 scale version has the "Frilly" top - the 0.6 scale version has a radiused gradient instead.

wonderful model from a great youtuber.
saw the video and printed it directly.

i would love to print this but my printer is broken

Oh awesome! really nice Christmas ornament, you haven't posted in a while Joel haha, I take it a vid for this is coming out soon?
edit: oh nice the vids out!

Looks fantastic, will certainly print a few.
Thanks for sharing Joel and Merry Christmas.