by JunOsiris Dec 20, 2018
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This thing is awesome. Can't believe I was able to print it. I have a request which I would be willing to pay you or anyone willing to increase the size of the holes that hold the heat bed to 10mm. I have a 5/16 tooling plate with a keenovo heat bed that works awesome super flat but a drilled the holes slightly off so I need a little room to move. Thanks

Hi! I am glad you liked it :). Btw I just updated my files and included your 10mm hole request, no need to pay me but of course, any amount of donation/tip will be highly appreciated :p

Thanks. Tips just sent. Good luck to you and all your endeavors.

It looks liked it should be a a lot lighter than the stock Y carriage. Have you noticed any ability to print faster without getting any ringing?

Haven't done any tests involving print speeds. I mainly print figures that personally designed and from time to time there are engineering product prototypes as well, so I usually print slowly to get more detail and precision.

This looks awesome and doable! Did you notice any improvement on the print quality or sound reduction by any mean?

Thanks! In terms of print quality as long as we will keep the comparison to a well maintained and properly assmebled ender 3, I dont think there would be any signicant improvement in terms of quality. What i can attest to have improved is the stabilty of the build plate, I can now print more before releveling the bed again. About the noise levels. Im part of the minorty who likes his printers 'stock noisy' :p so i cant really comment on that

Is there a particular reason why this you chose too make the whole H plate instead of a mount you can attach to the existing one?

I was actually planning to make that version first but then out of curiosity I ended up printing the whole bracket.

great design, I like it very much. Can you possibly send me a step or another cad file? Would like to make the carrier a little weight-optimizing, so make the deepening lessons really empty.

how about the bouncing of the bed when you load on the side? Is it much better than the vlsot roll? You have to be very careful so that the bed does not wobble. What I currently regard as a big problem, especially with high objects on high speeds.

i will upload the iges file later

sorry I totally forgot about the iges files :D if you still need them, feel free to check the latest files